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  • So it's that time again.

  • You know, I got to switch up the smartphone.

  • I'm all pumped up.

  • I'm all excited by the latest from Samsung.

  • Now you know, I've been on the one plus 60.

  • Good experience.

  • I'll tell you a little bit more about it before jumping through it.

  • I do have to give a shout out to the new clothing sponsor.

  • Look at me.

  • I like simple stuff, All right?

  • No logo's from a company called Built.

  • You probably noticed.

  • Be wearing the material.

  • It's beautiful.

  • I'm gonna have a link in the description.

  • Need to go check these guys out.

  • There's also a discount like a serious discount just for box therapy viewers.

  • So read the description.

  • Click the link, get some new threads.

  • Keep it simple.

  • Keep it basic.

  • So what aboutthe one plus six t the McClaren addition?

  • Yes, Very quick.

  • It had the rapid charge.

  • Honestly, no real complaints.

  • Kind of what I expected it to be didn't miss a beat.

  • But as is the case, you can't be on top.

  • You can't be the most exciting for very long.

  • It's always some new thing coming out and the hot thing right now.

  • is over here.

  • The galaxy s 10.

  • Look at the color.

  • A little rainbow effect, depending on the angle.

  • Oh, so exciting with the extra lens on the back.

  • The new high tech fingerprint scanner, which I mean, it's just a tap.

  • It's actually just a tap.

  • You see where this one is really better is kind of like How I mentioned in the previous video is when you have something on your hands.

  • If you have dirty hands, wet hands and so on, this one could work a little bit better.

  • It's probably a little more secure as well.

  • I want to test that out.

  • Why?

  • It was charging to get wireless charging back.

  • That's the one thing I missed on the one plus and surprise.

  • I read an article about how one plus is still not gonna put wireless charging into the one plus seven.

  • I'm like, I get it.

  • You're trying to make a point there very fast charging, but I just I can't get with that.

  • I feel like it's a feature I just wanna have I don't wanna I don't wantto Russell, you know, I got a headphone jack on here.

  • Very exciting, of course, a display Just ridiculous.

  • We got the new you I I can't wait to use on the day to day basis.

  • Never mind my hole punch hidden by the built in wallpaper on purpose Now I deliberated a little bit I was like, Should it be the S 10?

  • Should it be the s 10 plus or shouldn't even be the s 10 e?

  • For whatever reason, this one was speaking to me the most.

  • So that's where I want the SIM card to go.

  • Then when it comes to the E, which I actually have it over here slightly different form factor the fingerprint scanner over on the side, and then the lower price point.

  • I may still switch to this one, taking a slight dip down in price point.

  • Are you giving up a lot?

  • So maybe I'll switch to the E after I should close it out real quick and just say one plus keeps doing it.

  • To be honest, you look at the package what they're able to deliver further price.

  • The speed the snappy nous with the animation cut down some of the tweaks that actually improve your experience.

  • This is just an easy product for me to recommend how long have been used for Willie Do?

  • Could we get a read out a month?

  • I could totally live my life in the one plus universe, though I will say the price of the one plus devices.

  • It keeps going up a bit, too.

  • So things are starting to emerge Now.

  • It's almost starting overlap.

  • It's time for the ritual.

  • The SIM card is coming out and it's going in to the latest from Samsung.

  • It's the s tent, The latest the greatest man.

  • It feels slender.

  • It's light, its slender.

  • You feel right at home, don't you?

  • All right, There you have it.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Sim Card is in C little icon.

  • Great There.

  • It's been a good run, Mr One.

  • Plus, Now it's time to die until next time.

So it's that time again.


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