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  • my precious Sam.

  • Sam, stay where we can see you becoming Parents gave Clarin I a greater sense of purpose.

  • Every day brought with it new memories, each one sacred in its own way.

  • It doesn't feel real.

  • I know exactly what you mean.

  • I'm going crazy, I think.

  • Grief counselor.

  • When Jim died, I began to notice these inconsistencies.

  • Do you remember where this was taken?

  • Yeah, it's Griffith Observatory.

  • Swear I remember taking this photograph well, but we were in Seattle.

  • How would you feel if you could no longer trust your own memories?

  • Remember the Children's book when you're growing up about family of bears.

  • The Baron Stein bare barren Stein SD have been hard to reach lately.

  • I just started noticing some things and like what kind of things?

  • We're living in a parallel universes.

  • Can you picture the monopoly, man?

  • It was on his face.

  • Apparently, it's never been the case.

  • The Mandela effect either.

  • We're sliding between parallel realities simulation, and it's switching it to hear yourself right now.

  • Maybe it's in my head, clear, but maybe none of this is real.

  • What was going on?

  • I'm not crazy to know the truth.

  • What makes you think this is gonna bring your daughter back anyway.

  • Design games.

  • I could.

  • This is a simulation.

  • If this is cold and I could do something, it's no small thing shutting the world.

  • There's something you need to understand.

  • Ideas are dangerous things.

my precious Sam.


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