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  • American medical students Michelle McGrann Matthew Long were traveling in Morocco when they suddenly realized their vacation escape may have gone too far.

  • It was pretty shocking how quickly things changed when President Trump's travel ban to fight the Corona virus came down.

  • They immediately started looking for flights since traveled across the block.

  • Because airport, now all flights out of the country, we can't find anything.

  • No flights and no help from government officials.

  • We've been very shocked at how the U.

  • S.

  • Is handling this.

  • When we went to the embassy and robot, uh, they told us that Oh, Morocco has banned all travel in and out of the country.

  • They say they're taking precautions, scared of what may happen if they get sick.

  • In a foreign country, each individual city only has 600 beds.

  • Eso The things that we don't know about the health care system here are pretty fearful for me.

  • They're not alone.

  • Stephanie Goldberger is in Peru.

  • Under a 15 day locked down in Honduras, a woman's football team is stranded.

  • I think most people's concerns or people that have kids and the kids are at home and you know, not knowing what they're doing and your kids are worried about your family is worried about.

  • And Sandy Cahill, from Oregon, is also stuck in Morocco.

  • Never in my life I not had control over what I can do, where I can go, Cale says.

  • Calls and e mails to U.

  • S officials have gone unanswered.

  • It's just very unsettling.

  • It's I think that's the best word that can come up with, but all of them still determined to get back home.

  • Everything that I'm reading on Twitter and Facebook, um, is saying that the people that are following through that are unable to get anywhere.

  • It's, um, but we'll keep trying.

  • Obviously.

  • In Central America, as many as 500 foreigners are stuck in Panama after a big music festival there.

  • Panama just imposed a nighttime curfew with more than 100 Corona virus cases so far.

  • Kenneth Mona Alright, Sorry.

  • Thank you, Mona.

  • I know that the State Department is monitoring the situation, but I haven't really elaborated on exactly, um, what they're doing to help stranded Americans, and it's all that uncertainty of not knowing when they'll be able to get back, not knowing what the U.

  • S government is doing for them?

  • Uh, not knowing even just what the airlines are doing for them.

  • That's creating even more of this unsettling feeling for Americans not judging.

  • I'm just a little surprised people are still taking their trips in the middle of all this.

  • You actually canceled, actually cancel my trip, but again, issues with the airlines saying that maybe your trip is in April, but we only have travel restrictions.

  • So the 31st.

  • So everything is still up in the air, so I feel their frustration.

  • Really.

  • D'oh!

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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American medical students Michelle McGrann Matthew Long were traveling in Morocco when they suddenly realized their vacation escape may have gone too far.


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