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  • the second someone mentioned your I could feel the trouble closing three movies.

  • Now I know it's got, uh, just a folk 11.

  • Also happiness Fucking the cigarettes One Stop me wondering where you don't let go?

  • Uh huh.

  • When I'm looking to the distant houses from hell God in like a lighthouse to place room it's safe to feel of grace We all make mistakes given Russia way Leave Wait, I live a lot I don't believe in that one so much back way down So I brought with me Wait, wait, go, Wait, go.

  • I'm not gonna write your family.

  • I'm bad.

  • I'm not sure that way.

  • Go!

  • I got that last passed out A little shot.

  • No, Stalin!

  • Come on.

  • Wait!

  • Telebras Rush And him with those fights near mature ia's cach lam in the nervous.

  • Who are you?

  • Oh, my, my God!

  • My dead body in your sexton are traveling makeup tutorials on Now that you own me now wait!

  • Brushing up with it's way Pacing the public that inside there's never still move since the time Sameer is not so sweet.

  • Come.

  • City of Troy doesn't like it's a travesty.

  • You have the ticket.

  • You got kids culture shades Not believe I too like you guys at the your knowledge Chattering moral feeling, booty treats.

  • I just wish ish this.

  • What?

  • It was very legal.

  • This'll wellness center.

  • It is a crime scene.

  • Double daughter by Gucci.

  • Crucial.

  • Look, I came with Lobell.

  • Knuble, Sony.

  • She said I'm not gonna do it is still a name.

  • Small Trish nine.

  • Yeah, but stumbled on national TV Anomaly.

  • You guys are still pulls it for a show with Booth.

  • Skull of a problem.

  • My musket Morse Marshal escort.

  • It's eventually beep.

  • You know what?

  • Sexual sort?

  • Your fortunes.

  • I still see a lot of time.

  • Yeah.

  • Proving album Now put you more texture storks Go search, Come to me.

  • Wait, wait.

  • Go back in Steady care.

  • Credulous Mama Vic in for new material said, Oh, God, Raja who seem just a trashy cows cocked up Sam Pineapple Stahler Sailor starts a base diploma.

  • My my neck Ritchie watching black at Miss Me dies Now I don't know a solution a chance rooming after I have all nine.

  • That's why Avon.

  • I mean that.

  • But you'll die.

  • Who's Oh, bullshit.

  • Got guts.

  • Yeah, he knows that.

  • No.

the second someone mentioned your I could feel the trouble closing three movies.


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若きマルチタレント、ザ・ヴォイスで歌唱力を披露 (Young MULTI-TALENT shows his vocal skills in The Voice)

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