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10 years ago, my son Michael was diagnosed with intellectual disability.
His condition is close to autism.
It is called fragile X.
I remember that they vividly not because that news at shattered our family.
I remember it because the day started out with the for first in the bathroom.
My son, my daughter, my husband and me preparing for the day.
And it ended exactly the same way with the same for preparing for the night.
Despite the diagnosis, nothing had really changed.
And yet, now our society such a diagnosis is often interpretative as the end off the world for those who are affected and their families.
But I would like to disagree.
Such a diagnosis categorizes, triggers some medical administrative social system.
Sure, but it is not the end of the world.
I believe that any diagnosis off disability, rather than creating this pair should raise the question off its opposite.
Natural is a balance system.
It offers what it takes elsewhere.
We called them visible because they do not have the same capabilities as us, but they might have other capacities elsewhere.
Better integration off visible people in our society might not means to assimilate them into whatever we deem normal, but rather to understand how they complete us.
I love this quote I have once read online.
If you laugh at a different child, he will laugh with you because his innocence show passes your ignorance.
I want to tell you about the men benefit that I have gotten from 10 years with my intellectually disabled person.
Sure, when I got my son diagnosis, I was upset.
It came unexpectedly, but I never suffered in 10 years.
Later, I can say that I've learned more than have lost adapting to my son.
You lose me, Toby.
Truly, Um, because he's different compares me to question myself about my inner life, about my existence, about my role.
He has a salt off pure essence that I treasure.
He bring flavors to life that I had forgotten because, like many among us, I kept pretending instead off living fully.
So what are the main benefits that I have gotten from 10 years with my intellectually does a person, I would mention three.
The first is mindfulness.
I didn't realize how many time during a single day I have reason to be happy about my life.
not by buying something you are doing something trendy to search for the approval off our society, but simply enjoying your true moment off happiness like a good meal, a nice walk or an interesting discussion.
Michael Love watching would be on television.
For him.
Every match is as intense as the workers.
He stands up his hand on his heart, and he lived the whole game as if his life depends on it.
It truly is in the moment.
Sing him reminds me that often in life, great things are right in full of us.
We simply need to notice them.
The second benefit is time management.
Michael cannot be rushed into things, so we had to review our perception of time to join him in a dimension where we could function together.
It started with limiting the number off activities, precisely preparing the days in advance and learning how to use time instead of constantly catching up.
It isn't easy as many offers.
No, we're constantly running after time.
I found that it helps if you learn how to make time and dedicated to specific purposes.
I remember that I used to think that my life was full before, and now that I have many more things to manage with this special gift, I have the impression to have plenty of time ahead of me.
One place it has been particularly liberating is the weekend We used to spend our Saturday trying to catch up for everything we have not been able to do during the week running.
Being stressed.
That's all changed since my cannot be rushed into things.
We are never in a hurry, and everything that cannot be done today will be done tomorrow.
My perception in the way I managed time change drastically and finally I also learned howto enrich my emotional intelligence.
One summer we went on holiday for a week with some or friend who had kids globally.
Everything was going with.
We had rented the big house with a pool and plenty of space to spend quality time collectively and individually.
Mike was often aside in the corner off the garden.
After a few days, I went to see him toe understand way waas so distance, and he told me that it was nobody's fault but that some people felt more comfortable.
Dan users with his handicap is a natural rather for emotion.
It's sort off, see through you so many time.
We will come home from work and being stressed out and sad, and he feels it instantly is Moon changes here that he can't always process it, but he feels it and act accordingly.
And you can even do this with strangers He has never met.
Empathy is the most valuable lesson my son teaches me.
Mike is not pretending or acting his life, so any moment matters for a Penis in time and resources.
I remember that cinema told us already 20 years ago about the power off different intelligence when a friend reminded me off Rainman Remember that movie?
During those two hours, the character played by Tom Cruise, confronted to his seventh autistic brother, played by Dustin Hoffman, muffed from a seemingly perfect and successful but selfish in England businessman into a loving, carrying and happy brother.
We could have built on this essential message, but we didn't instead off bearing the weight off the difference.
We could make it valuable.
One way to do so would be to employees does that today we excluded invalidates all to use the fashionable expression.
Once that successful startup I've sized upon, we could call that deploying unused asset into the economy.
I believe that the special perception provided by intellectually disable people and they're way off living are indeed some off those unused asset that we are currently letting go to waste.
It's that with accepting your diversity, but it goes far beyond that.
Intellectually disabled people can bring added value to our society because they are life achievers.
Just consider this trance free.
Off the mental barrier responsible for is elation and segregation.
They're natural born major toes, incapable of going as fast a society They're human metronome ous expect in human and natural risen because every day their first try and compensate their handicap, they have proven to have super heroes capabilities.
My son Michael once told me When I have kids, I want to teach them to be happy.
I don't know if she will have kids one day, but I do know that teaching happiness is something s capable off.
Thank you.


3 things I learned from my intellectually disabled son | Emilie Weight | TED Institute

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