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  • There is also breaking news coming in tonight from the White House that a member of the vice president's office has now tested positive for Corona virus.

  • What we're learning on that front and President Trump and his words today about a drug that he said could be a game changer in the fight against Corona virus.

  • But then moments later, the nation's top doctor on infectious diseases, Dr Anthony Fauci, was asked about it and offered a reality check.

  • Here's our senior White House correspondent, Cecilia Vega.

  • 24 hours after President Trump declared a malaria drug would be made available almost immediately to help treat Corona virus, Dr Anthony Fauci declared, the drug has not actually been proven to help.

  • Is there any evidence to suggest that, as with malaria, it might be used as a prophylaxis against code?

  • I think the answer is no, and the evidence that you're talking about John is anecdotal evidence.

  • But President Trump pushed on, leading to a rare public rebuke by the nation's foremost expert on infectious diseases, may work, May network.

  • I feel good about it, that's all.

  • It is just a feeling, you know, smart guy, because you know the expression.

  • What the hell do you have to move?

  • So I've been right a lot.

  • Let's see what happens.

  • I would like Dr Factory if you don't mind to follow up on what the president is saying.

  • Should Americans have hope in this drug?

  • Right now?

  • The president feels optimistic about something.

  • His feeling about it.

  • It might be effective, but as a scientist, as we're getting it out there, you need to do it in a way, as while we are making it available for people who might want the hope that it might work.

  • You're also collecting data that will ultimately show that it is truly effective and safe under the conditions of covert 19.

  • Fundamentally, I think it probably is going to be safe, But I like to prove things first.

  • We'll have more on that, of course, in the days to come.

  • Cecilia.

  • In the meantime, what have you learned about a member of the vice president's office tonight?

  • David, this is just coming in from his office right now.

  • They say a member of his team has tested positive for the Corona virus.

  • Neither the president, they say, nor the vice president had close contact with this person who's not being identified.

  • But the vice president's office is saying that they are now going back to see exactly who this person had contact with here.

  • David again, a member of Vice President Mike Pence's office tonight, testing positive Cecilia Vega with the breaking news Sicilia.

  • Thank you, Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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There is also breaking news coming in tonight from the White House that a member of the vice president's office has now tested positive for Corona virus.


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