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  • How long is the wait?

  • It depends like one hour, two hours?

  • No, five hours?

  • No, not that much Minutes.

  • Sixes.

  • He's jumping.

  • All right, so we are in the car ready to go to part us, Buster, we're gonna visit my parents up north and lonely in the bus trip was pretty uneventful.

  • So instead I'm gonna break it down into 10 useful tips when traveling by bus in the Philippines.

  • So we're in Manila, which is right here.

  • My parents live in Born up north.

  • It's a four hour, 20 minute drive.

  • According to Google maps, I'd prefer to avoid a long buster, but I searched for an airport around that area, and the closest airport is log, which is a one hour flight from another.

  • But it's five hours away from my parents elves, so we decided to take the bus instead.

  • Plus, it's a lot cheaper.

  • So they're two major bus terminals in Manila.

  • Asai and Cuba beside is closer to the airport, making it the most convenient for travelers.

  • But combo is a larger of the two bus terminals as it's more of a central bus, huh?

  • Depending on where you're going, you'll need to decide which is more appropriate for you.

  • This is everybody.

  • Take it.

  • I'm going to go on.

  • Just wait for your stop number When you get to the bus terminal will issue you a ticket with a number on it.

  • This ticket puts you in line to buy a bus ticket.

  • But the wait could be five minutes or five hours.

  • Watch this.

  • How long is the wait?

  • It depends like one hour, two hours?

  • No, five hours?

  • No, that much.

  • Minutes six.

  • He's giving tickets to buy bus tickets.

  • Strange.

  • I guess that's how it operates.

  • A lot of people.

  • There's a lot of people waiting King Paolo Data and Michael High.

  • So we don't know how long this is gonna take.

  • Good take quite a bit, but there never helping us out.

  • So it's good to meet local people here to help you figure out he's got these tickets work.

  • Otherwise we would be lost very lost.

  • Generally, daytime is a lot busier than at night.

  • We waited 3 to 4 hours to get on the bus during the day.

  • But when we took the night bus, we were able to get on the bus right away.

  • Those are friends.

  • I just took off.

  • They're going Thio Habra, waiting word from a smelly clothes to meet them.

  • Now we're on the bus there, two types of buses, the regular bus and the deluxe bus.

  • If you can get on the deluxe bus, I highly recommend upgrade what's nice about this?

  • But there's actually two seats, one Roland and one person.

  • That's a lot whiter.

  • A lot more space.

  • Tell them where you're getting off that vendors get on the bus all the time trying to sell you their goods.

  • Watch out for your stuff at all times.

  • One thing that amazes me is how most people get when they drive.

  • Two lane road will turn into three lanes and people are just walking.

  • See that that I can the world just walking between traffic.

  • No problems.

  • I would not want to be doing that.

  • So what?

  • Three hours into our journey, we're taking a little bus stop break.

  • I'm gonna go outside, see if there's anything.

  • Not many people, Ricks, we only stop once in our five plus our journey.

  • Looks like the toilet is right behind me.

  • It actually cost to Passos to use the bathroom which is nothing.

  • But if you need to have a bathroom, make sure you got some change because you're gonna need it.

  • They've got, like, a little restaurants and stuff just behind me.

  • Just pretty awesome.

  • You might not like the food.

  • You might actually want to pack sandwiches.

  • The bus temperature is super cold.

  • Remember to bring sweatshirt, some long pence and maybe even a blanket.

How long is the wait?


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