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  • that's let's drink it.

  • It's a school district.

  • It like that.

  • Who's that is a drop way are going on a journey together.

  • Beer is something that you can get super weird with to try some of the craziest beers that exist in the craft brewing movement.

  • Great.

  • Now look at the color of that one.

  • That's a beautiful colors.

  • Smells a little bit like a mop.

  • You're looking at over two million Scoville that you're responsible.

  • You're ready for this?

  • Yes.

  • I'm excited.

  • Let's do it.

  • Let's do it.

  • So today, I'm at Yoga Loft in beautiful Manhattan Beach, California, to meet up with comedy legend Burt Pressure and do a little work on her inner self.

  • As we get the middle age, our metabolism slows down there right now.

  • I think I got everything.

  • Bagel right there.

  • That's a bagel.

  • If you want to see what angel food looks like, you've got a long, long tradition of mixing shit up.

  • Just so that's where we're going next.

  • Fucking Dr Dre.

  • Yeah.

  • Puff Daddy made a baby.

  • A lot of beer purists would say What we're doing right now is blasphemy.

  • You're about to have a beautiful, dark, inky stout made with weapons grade caps come from me and things were going so well.

  • Sam, this is a beer that I brewed with human saliva.

  • You seem so happy about drinking your own man.

  • Should we finish this?

  • Probably good out here.

  • There's 6000 breweries in America flying there, freak flags in all different directions.

  • I think the weirder the better.

  • This is an interesting beer.

  • You're making me rethink the things that I had doubts about.

  • It was that and we did drink it.

  • Cheers, Cheers.

that's let's drink it.


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それは奇妙だ、それを飲もう シーズン2が来る|SERIES TRAILER (That's Odd, Let's Drink It Season 2 Is Coming | SERIES TRAILER)

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