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  • Can you explain this?

  • Rice cleaning.

  • It doesn't taste good like this.

  • This is rice that comes right out of the rice paddies?

  • Yeah.

  • And it still has like a shell on it?

  • Yeah.

  • You can eat it like this but it doesn't taste good at all.

  • Jun's grandma and grandpa grow rice, so they get

  • this- I guess you could say raw rice from them.

  • And then you bring it to this machine and you pay a little bit of money-

  • We have less than 15kg so it's ¥200.

  • You can choose either ordinary milled rice or no-rinse.

  • For the milled rice course, you can choose how clean you want it to be.

  • If you choose no-rinse, then you don't have to wash the rice at home.

  • What do you usually do?

  • Either standard or 80% clean.

  • If you choose 10% clean, the rice will still have nutrients on it.

  • Does it cost more to make it cleaner?

  • Yeah.

  • If you choose no-rinse, it costs 100 yen more.

  • Okay, so that's why you just do it here and then you wash it at home.

  • Yeah.

  • Put the coins in and pour the rice into the machine.

  • Choose the course and then when it's done take the rice out.

  • Oh--wait, it's a little different from how I just explained it.

  • This is how the rice that comes right out of the rice paddies looks like.

  • Oh, ones that come right out of the rice paddy are like that?

  • But ours aren't.

  • Our rice is uncleaned rice. My grand parents already took the momi (hull) off.

  • How do you get it from here to here?

  • We should ask my grandma and grandpa.

  • I forgot the name but there's a machine that takes the momi (hull) off.

  • You put it in that machine.

  • You can change the course while it's cleaning.

  • It will be done soon.

  • Lucky~

  • Why?

  • When I weighed the rice at home it said 9.4kg,

  • and I'm supposed to pay 200 yen I think.

  • Because it's less than 15kg and it's much more than 7kg.

  • But it weighed it as less than 7?

  • I guess so!

  • Yay~

  • So now-- *stomps foot*

  • This?

  • Can I press it?

  • You can press it all the way.

  • That's good.

  • Owner: Thank you!

  • You should take a video.

  • Now it's much more white.

  • It's only 50-80% clean so it's still not that white yet.

  • If you do the no-rinse course then it's much whiter.

Can you explain this?


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