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45% off jobs today are gonna disappear in 10 years.
The idea of the four year college to me is rubbish.
It belongs in the trash bin of history.
You cannot take a group of people who are 19 or 20 or 21 put them in a bubble for four years.
And guess what?
Four years when they emerge from that bubble, the world has changed.
The world is changing so fast.
It between 2016 2022 singularity University say's that we're gonna see as much change as between 1,902,000.
That change is accelerating.
Gallop says that 54% of Americans dislike their jobs.
So what kind of world are we building where our kids are having to spend so much money, especially in the U.
To get an education only to go take a job with that, the majority of them this life, the system is broken.
Look at what's happening in America.
Tate with education today has become such a for profit enterprise that young Americans start out their adult lives in massive debt for bullshit piece of paper.
That very likely is gonna mean nothing 10 years from now.
This is what we want to disrupt.
While I respect our educational system, I think that it it only satisfies 40% 30%.
Maybe on a good day, 50% of what our Children need.
And, you know, some would argue that, well, it's not the job of the educational system to do it.
That's the job of parents to do it.
But I think parents only teach what they've been taught.
They need to learn ways in which they could enhance their life, not a particular intellect or a skill set.
How to fix a car, how to perform law, how to be a doctor.
That's a skill set.
There's so much more to my life than my skill set mine, Valley University.
It has a lot of risk, but until you're willing to risk it all, you can never gain it all.


Why Our Education System Is Total Bullsh*t

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林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 23 日 に公開
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