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  • Mysteries of vernacular:


  • Window,


  • an opening constructed in a wall to emit light or air.

    光や空気を取り込むための 壁に取り付けられた窓です

  • When the Scandinavian settlers invaded England

    中世において スカンジナビアの開拓者が

  • in the Middle Ages,


  • they brought with them a whole slew of words

    おびただしい数の 言葉をもたらし

  • whose modern decedents have become part


  • of our everyday vernacular.

    私たちが日常 使う言葉の一部になりました

  • Their word for window was related to the Old Norse word

    当時 “window”を表す言葉は 古ノルド語に関連しており

  • for the same architectural feature,


  • vindauga.

    “vindauga” でした

  • Vindauga was a compound,

    “vindauga” は複合語で

  • composed of two separate words:

    2つの異なる言葉から 成り立ちました

  • vindr, meaning wind

    “vindr” は風

  • and auga, meaning eye.

    “auga” は 目を意味します

  • The word vindauga was probably quite old,

    “vindauga” は かなり古く

  • having come into being long before

    窓が ガラスで作られる

  • windows were made of glass.


  • This type of metaphoric compound,

    このような比喩的な 複合語は

  • called a kenning,


  • was very popular in both Norse and Old English.

    ノルド語や古英語で よく使用されました

  • The beautiful literary trope was used


  • in the Norse word for ship,

    「船」を表す ノルド語は

  • literally "wave stead."


  • And, in the epic poem, "Beowulf,"

    英文学最古の叙事詩 『ベオウルフ』では

  • where the sea is described as a whale road

    海は「クジラの道」と 表されており

  • and blood is described as battle sweat


  • and slaughter dew.


  • From its literal yet lyrical beginning,

    文字通りでありながら かつ叙情的な始まりから

  • the word window has expanded

    “window” は

  • beyond its concrete definition

    建築や設計の要素としての 窓という

  • as a construction or design element


  • to be used figuratively

    比喩的に 使われるようになりました

  • in phrases like the poetic

    たとえば 詩的な表現である

  • "window of opportunity."


Mysteries of vernacular:



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TED-ED】ヴァナキュラーの謎。ウィンドウ - ジェシカ・オーレックとレイチャ・ティール (【TED-Ed】Mysteries of vernacular: Window - Jessica Oreck and Rachael Teel)

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