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  • Mmm.

  • One thing that struck me the moment arrived is that the city is a live music.

  • I wanted to master authentic Cuban salsa, so I sought out the help of an excellent local salsa.

  • Thing is Jorge and your band is Moncada.

  • Is that right?

  • Yeah.

  • I would like to learn to play the authentic Cuban salsa.

  • You think that's possible?

  • I think so.

  • Is there a trick to the rhythm?

  • Is there a secret to the rhythm of the salsa?

  • Musically know the most important, insulting and most off your music is what we call Chloe Clark Club on the case club.

  • We won't allow it.

  • His latest is a river pattern that goes like this.

  • That's the suit.

  • No, the most important things to have the club inside the robbery in here.

  • Yeah.

  • When girls in Cuba are walking, they seem like being dancing.

  • It's like being with the club is really so you spent a lot of time watching strange women in the park.

  • That's what you're saying.

  • You see the clouds everywhere.

  • Don't you see the claudio The women of birds have clothe wave pattern of salsa.

  • That's a little bit, but I gotta work on my time.

  • No, I'm not doing that.

  • Get in there at all, huh?

  • Yeah.

  • What if you didn't know me?

  • What if you had no idea who I waas and I walked up on the street and I said, I want to be in your band And I played you the club as they just played it.

  • Would you hire me or would you say no?

  • First I will try.

  • Who will start walking working on?

  • We will get it.

  • Wow.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • That was the gentlest, most fantastic.

  • You are an artist with a club and also on bullshit.

  • Tell them Do you want me in the band?

  • To be honest with you, This'll is an honest man.

  • You're honest just yet.

  • If I were just saying so So what would I see?

  • What Ko how I sing.

  • What sound should I get?

  • You have to tow Think that you're thinking with nose knows home like this?

  • Okay, money.

  • I don't know the words, but I'm gonna just say like that.

  • You wait here.

  • Wait, go, Wait.

  • Did anyone get that down?

  • You I love that guy.



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コナンがキューバのサルサバンドに参加 - CONAN on TBS (Conan Joins A Cuban Salsa Band - CONAN on TBS)

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