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  • you've always seemed like, uh, I'm gonna say it.

  • You've always seemed like kind of, Ah, cool guy to me.

  • A guy who knows how to dress.

  • Yeah, you know, you know, like the right.

  • I'm seriously, like you're always worrying.

  • Like the kind of glasses that I suspect or the cool glasses to wear or the you've always got that jacket on.

  • That, I'm guessing, is the cool jacket.

  • That's just how you seem to me, e o fair.

  • But I think that's something that's in my head.

  • And then whenever I go out and do things, I realize that I'm absolutely not cool.

  • So for a moment, I think I'm cool like I was in.

  • Uh, this is I was in London right now.

  • This is a true story, but it's kind of like a brag thing.

  • Baggy thing to say.

  • I think I know a lot of people have access to airline.

  • I was in London.

  • Sorry.

  • And there's a lot of shitty parts along, and I was I was going record shopping and I saw this guy who to me looked old.

  • I was like that guy.

  • So he's older than me, and he's wearing a black T shirt.

  • I'm like, What is it with old guys are wearing black T shirts buying records, But that was exactly me.

  • Like I wear a black T shirt and I think the guy probably was actually my age.

  • And it's just like this.

  • Were you looking in a mirror way?

  • Look, he's doing what?

  • I'm doing it.

  • I went to this show in downtown L.

  • A and meet.

  • It was like So underground is a band called Circuit a singer named Circuit Does you?

  • And I was like, No one knows where this is gonna go down there downtown.

  • No one goes down there to see shows, right?

  • I'll be the crime.

  • The only guy there.

  • Yeah, that's what I thought packed with guys my age.

  • That kind of looked like me.

  • Yeah, I'm way in the back of the line.

you've always seemed like, uh, I'm gonna say it.


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