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so the four things about had a manifest.
A miracle.
Okay, four things.
Number one.
Stop boring God with your little tiny visions.
Go for something that's completely impossible.
Go for something that is bigger than you are and that you have no way of knowing how that could ever possibly happen.
Because I think we inspire the angels.
When we do that, you unleash all sorts of synchronicity and magic when you do that.
So start with a big, big, big vision.
Put it out there.
And if you want to have a lot of urgency in your life, put it in time.
This shall be so I'm gonna make my 1st $1,000,000 within one year.
It's like kind of like go, you're on, you see, because when you when you put a big vision into the future, it almost begins to pull you into who you need to be, what you need to do it begins to give you your actions and who you actually, and it informs you about the ways you need to grow and develop immediately with an urgency.
Number two is you want to be living your life as though you are the source of it now.
It's not like we're not victimized.
Were victimized by a lot.
It's a choice to live in a way where you see yourself is the source of everything.
How am I the source of it?
Don't get caught up in the negativity.
Victimization because you'll get stuck there.
You want to always ask, How did I give my power Way?
What was my part in this?
How might I reclaim my power?
Sometimes not being victimized is just Well, who am I gonna be in the face of this?
Because there really wasn't anything that you did to create it.
But it's the most powerful creative way to live life.
Creativity begins where victimization ends.
There is no creativity and victimization.
There is on Lee reaction.
There is not creation.
The third thing, the most important thing is you can't You must align your vision with self of your future fulfilled.
We cannot receive into our lives that which is inconsistent with their identity to have we absolutely can.
If you look at your life, you're gonna see that there are things that are easy for you to manifest and you'll end if you and if you look at the identity you have in there, you're going to see that You you kind of expect these things to come to you.
Expect that you can make money or make friends, or that your health is going to be good, that you're always gonna have another job.
You'll land on your feet.
Some of you expect love and you get it.
Maybe everyone in your family always had that thing.
Maybe you were always told you were good at that particular thing, things that we struggle with in life for those things that are outside of our identity to have.
And when I talk about identity, what I'm really talking about is the self that you formed in response to the traumas that you went through.
And it might be generational.
You might inherit an identity from your mother's trauma or your grandmother's tremor, your grandfather's trauma.
It works that way so we don't have to resolve all the trauma in our lives before we can have what we desire.
What we need to do is to stop identifying and being defined by that trauma and to awaken to who we actually are, because the fulfillment of your vision is outside of that old story, and you want to start to define your life according to the future that you're committed to creating and not what you've endured in your past.
And then the fourth thing is to awaken to yourself is a co creator of that future.
Fulfill to give up, you know, praying for hoping for wishing for waiting for someone to invite you waiting to be noticed.
You want to begin to generate that future inside of the actions you're taking, the choices that you're making.
You want to start to hold yourself accountable for being who you need to be in order to fulfill upon that future and begin acting on it.
And don't fall into the trap of thinking that psychological insight has anything to do with action.
Psychological insight is great, but it's only the beginning of the journey.
We have to make an effort to evolve ourselves, be on that story.
So, really, my message here today is just to tell you that the past doesn't define what's possible for you at all.
It informs who you are today, but it doesn't define you.
What actually defines you is the future that you're standing for creating.
So be bold.
Be brave.
Take action in that direction and let the magic begin.
Thank you very much.


3 Steps to Start Living Life Your Way | Katherine Woodward Thomas

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