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  • When you look at a child, best of humanity looks back at you.

  • Your unconditional love, the boundless imagination, their presence in the moment, curiosity and wonder.

  • Every child is born with these amazing qualities, but to realize their full potential, they need our support, his parents and roll moments.

  • It's our responsibility.

  • We carry both for them and the entire species, because the world our Children inherit and Bill tomorrow depends on the choices we helped them make today.

  • The question is, Are you It's apparent fully equipped to help your kids make the right choices and to raise Children who grow into the extraordinary adults they were meant to be.

  • I'd like to introduce you all to one of the most important missions we've ever embarked as mine were getting serious about parenting.

  • We want to help parents cut true the uncertainty that stress the over well and get the support they need to help raise happy and thriving human beings.

  • You see, the vast majority of people in the Mind Valley community are passionate about personal growth were now inviting you to extend that passion to become the best parents we can be.

  • We've got so much planned for parents in the coming months.

  • I can't wait to share it with you as a parent myself.

  • This project is so deeply important to me from Break True talks and programs by the world's leading experts in parenting to experimental new schools that happened at Mine.

  • Valley University.

  • Two opportunities to connect and bond with other parents in your vicinity.

  • Mind valleys about to become the number one source for what we call a transformational parenting.

  • And this idea of transformational parenting is based on six pillars.

  • The first is parental beliefs.

  • It examines the beliefs that we take on as we become parents and how it actually influences the way we raise our Children.

  • The second is emotional intelligence.

  • It's how we teach our Children to express themselves and how we teach our Children to relate to other human beings.

  • The third is empowering routines and rituals, right habits and practices weaken.

  • Teach our Children to do often not talked about in school that actually lied.

  • Tow elevate, it signs off wellbeing, happiness and George forthis external influences.

  • It's how we train our Children, toe, understand and deal with influences from mentors, peers and the world at large.

  • The fifth is parent to parent relationships.

  • It's about how we as parents interact with each other and the example this sets for our kids and finally, education and growth.

  • It's about setting up our kids to be passionate about learning and south evolution.

  • So they evolved to be the best human beings they could possibly welcome to mind Valley parenting.

When you look at a child, best of humanity looks back at you.


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マインドバレーの変革的な子育てプログラム - 近日公開 (Mindvalley's Transformational Parenting Programs - Coming Soon)

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