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  • which idioms involved kinship.

  • Vocabulary.

  • That's what Abdula he wants to know.

  • And that's what we're doing in this learners questions.

  • Now come on.

  • You okay?

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  • Okay, let's start with family.

  • If something runs in the family, it means that that talent, ability, quality or thing is passed through the family from generation to generation.

  • For example, their two daughters are gymnasts like their mother, so it clearly runs in the family.

  • Now, for mother, If something is the mother of all, then it is the largest, most extreme or ultimate example off and usually is a plural Now, for example, yesterday I had the mother of all pizzas.

  • It was huge and it was delicious.

  • Oh, if you ever need help, just call me and I'll come.

  • This is the mother of all promises now for father.

  • A father figure is someone that you can turn to for advice and support, and it doesn't have to be your father or even a relative.

  • It can just be a friend.

  • If the person you asked for advice from is a woman, then you could say Mother Figure So, for example, since joining BBC Learning English, Neil has been a father figure to me or since joining BBC Learning English.

  • Katherine has been a mother figure to me.

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  • Now let's talk Children if a task is child's play than it is extremely easy to do like a piece of cake or walk in the park.

  • And don't forget the apostrophe.

  • In Childs, for example, I've always found skateboarding very difficult, but snowboarding is child's play.

  • Finally we come home to a home.

  • Truth.

  • Ah, home.

  • Truth is a piece of honest criticism that is difficult or painful to hear, for example.

  • Yeah, well, here's a home truth for you.

  • You are a terrible kisser.

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  • I hope the answer was useful to you.

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  • Learners questions.

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which idioms involved kinship.


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家族の慣用句 - 学習者の質問 (Family idioms - Learners' Questions)

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