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  • Major cities in Japan are busy places

  • Lots of people coming and going especially at a popular tourist spot like Sky Tree

  • As it's bound to happen you get hungry and want a bite to eat

  • Then you notice a situation like this

  • some perfectly respectable bags occupying the table that you'd like to sit at

  • As you hunt around for a free spot you start to notice a trend an umbrella hanging out all by itself unattended baby strollers

  • Lonely handbags a stray jacket an abandoned bag this forgotten suitcase and camera

  • What's to stop hungry shoppers like this from snatching up a coveted spot?

  • Anything literally anything left on the chair or table?

  • So I decided to take my daughter and a GoPro to the mall to see what would happen if I left our belongings to save

  • a seat

  • What did we leave a purse a smartphone and a bag full of newly bought goods

  • After noticing that cameras were all over the place I decided that the best disguise for a secret camera

  • recording was to do it in plain sight so I staged the table with all sorts of camera gear

  • Okay. So it's not exactly a super-secret spy camera setup, but I think you'll get the point

  • I love while recording someone decide to leave their belongings to save their table my daughter Aiko's biggest opposition to this whole experiment is

  • That we'd be occupying extra seats that others could use

  • She didn't seem to have much concern that her belongings might actually get stolen and I concur we were being quite rude

  • So I apologize to anyone looking for a table during that time

  • We recorded a whole hour before I decided to call the whole thing off

  • Because the most likely scenario was that the cleaning staff would notice our unattended goods and put it in the lost and found

  • So Aiko and I packed up her belongings and headed to Starbucks because it's not like we hadn't sat around enough

  • While there the trend of seats being saved by valuables continued shopping bags backpacks

  • purses fanny packs even making a comeback

  • I see I also noticed that there are many people working on their laptops thus began experiment number two

  • What would happen if I left my macbook pro to save my spot?

  • I'll save you the suspense

  • absolutely nothing

  • 25 minutes into this grueling experiment we called it quits

  • Who knew sitting in front of a sunny window would get so hot this spy thing can be quite tough?

  • Moral of the story if you're a thief looking for some easy pickings. Japan's the place to be or is it?

  • Apparently the Japanese police have more patience than Aiko or I in an effort to net themselves a thief

  • They left the case of beer in the seat of an unlocked car

  • After a week a whole week of carefully staking out the spot

  • They finally caught themselves a criminal

  • My only major issue in Japan with leaving my belongings behind is that I forget to retrieve them

  • There was that time when I left my backpack on the train

  • Then the other time where I did it again in both cases the train staff had my goods found within an hour

  • I must say though that there was this one time where I went to ride my bike and discovered it was missing

  • I thought to myself that I was finally getting my come-up-pance for leaving my stuff laying around as

  • it happens it turns out I left my bike parked and

  • Unlocked in front of the kids school and had forgotten to ride it back home

  • I know this because as I was telling the story of my lost bike to my wife

  • Aiko chimed in to say that she had seen it in front of her school over the past couple of days

  • She said the bike even had a notice on it to move it within a day

  • Or it would be impounded. Did Aiko think to tell her father this before? No.

  • So I went to the bike jail and sure enough my bike was there that lapse in attentiveness cost me 3,000 yen. So far,

  • that's the only price i've ever paid for leaving my valuables around that end the train tickets

  • I had to buy to go and retrieve my backpack twice from the train stations Lost and Found Depot

  • The lesson here folks is that by all means leave your valuables to save your spot in Japan. In fact,

  • I think the more valuable the better. That's why I always leave my kids to save mine

  • Thanks for watching. See you next time. Bye! How do you save your spot where you're from?

Major cities in Japan are busy places


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日本での貴重品の放置 (Leaving Valuables Unattended in Japan)

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