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  • I see so many people every day fighting the same battle and battle is between logic and emotion.

  • I logically no, I shouldn't eat cake.

  • I logically no, I should get up early and go to bed early.

  • I logically know that sitting on the sofa, watching box sets is not going to advance my career.

  • But I still do it over and over again.

  • That must be because I'm a loser or I'm weak.

  • No, you're not a loser.

  • You're not weak.

  • What's happening is you haven't been taught a universal truths that let me teach it to you right now when there is a battle dream, logic and emotion, emotion always always always wins.

  • How maney off you have gone toe a really high building an enclosed building like the top story of a hotel CN Tower in Toronto and look down on the old Wow, I feel really scared.

  • My logic mind knows that I'm safe, that the glasses that thick that I can't fool.

  • But the emotion that's making my stomach lurch is winning.

  • So when you have a battle between emotion and logic, emotion always always always wins.

  • Here's something you will know.

  • We can all ring our friend.

  • I'm going a bit bored, a bit lonely.

  • Can I hang out on bit bored?

  • Let's go to the movie.

  • You would never ring someone you just met and go.

  • I'm bored and lonely.

  • Will you come and hang out with me?

  • Let's go to the movie because the emotion that you might be reject will overrule the logic that says this person may be the person for me.

  • So if you're having a battle between yourself, here's a great one.

  • I know I shouldn't eat cake.

  • That's the logic of the emotion is Oh, the cake feels so good in this creamy, sugary stuff reminds me being a baby when all my needs were met by having creamy, sugary stuff.

  • So in a battle between emotion and logic, logic will never win.

  • Emotion will always win, and you can make that wind for you by making it a better emotions that here's how to do it.

  • Here's an emotion.

  • I'm scared to ask for a pay rise in case my boss laughed me out of the office, make it a stronger emotion If I go to my boss and show them what I've done.

  • How valuable I am.

  • That won't happen.

  • Here's an emotion.

  • I really want to ask that person on a date.

  • I'm not good enough.

  • Change the emotion.

  • I'm wonderful.

  • I'm amazing.

  • What could I get from asking someone on a date that says yes so much?

  • If they say no, I'm only exactly where I was before, except have Bean brave.

  • I've done something courageous.

  • I've taken action, even if it doesn't work out.

  • I've lost nothing, but I've gained courage.

  • So when you're having a battering logic and emotion, emotion always wins.

  • Logic never wins.

  • That's why you could stand on the window sill of your apartment if it was on the ground floor.

  • But you would never stand on the windows so same size if it was 100 stories up, because the emotion that you may for defeat the logic that says I can do this when it's a few feet off the ground, why can't I do it up here?

  • Because emotion overrules logic, you can make your life phenomenal, extraordinary and wonderful by always using emotion to defeat emotion.

  • I want to speak to a crowd.

  • What if they don't like me now?

  • The emotions that don't do that.

  • But if you make the emotion better, I can speak.

  • I've got something to say.

  • People like me.

  • And when I do that speech and I connect with the audience, my life gets better and better.

  • And now I can give little speeches at work.

  • I can lead the team.

  • My boss just loves me, recognizes me.

  • I'm so valuable now.

  • You're exciting, your imagination with a good emotion, a powerful emotion and emotion that excites the imagination and your imagination.

  • Loves, loves, loves to be excited.

  • When those battles come up, make the emotion more powerful.

  • Use exciting language.

  • And now you can win and you can win again and you can win again because you know what to do.

  • Forget about logic.

  • Use a stronger, better, more compelling emotion and you'll get everything you want and even more to if you want to learn more about this, if you want to know how easy it is to make some powerful, lasting changes that really will transform your life, go ahead and sign up for these free master classes with Mind Valley.

I see so many people every day fighting the same battle and battle is between logic and emotion.


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論理対感情。戦いに勝利し、毎日より良い意思決定をする方法 (Logic Vs Emotion: How To Win The Battle And Make Better Decisions Every Day)

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