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  • Hey everybody!

  • This is Sona.

  • You know, I thought it would be a good idea to check in.

  • And I hope you're all staying safe

  • and distancing yourselves socially from one another.

  • I'm having a great time.

  • Let's see, I got a blow out.

  • Which I realize was probably a little irresponsible

  • but I would've lost 50% of the

  • payment had I not gone.

  • And in my defense, this blood is days and days old.

  • I haven't washed my hair in a really long time.

  • So I just moved into my house like a little while ago.

  • My husband and I bought a house

  • and I know that on Sona Fixes Your Life

  • I once told you guys that my parents wanted

  • to throw all my speech trophies

  • because they thought it was

  • they were taking up too much space.

  • 'Cause I have too many.

  • And I thought that they did but then

  • my mom gave me this, which is basically

  • a lot of my childhood is in here.

  • And I looked at it the other day.

  • And look what I found!

  • All my speech trophies.

  • PSCFA Spring Championship Senior Duo Interpretation,

  • second place.

  • But, that's fine.

  • You know, and then there's this one.

  • Third place.

  • Okay we'll find one, some good ones.

  • And there's this one that's all broken.

  • That's first place.

  • PSCFA Fall Championship Senior Speech to Entertain,

  • first place.

  • And then there's all these.

  • Here's the problem.

  • And they're all broken.

  • The problem is

  • is that when my mom and dad were holding on to this stuff,

  • I didn't really care.

  • But now that it's in my house,

  • I don't want them.

  • So I think that

  • my mom's idea was I take a photo shoot with all of these,

  • and then just take a picture to remember all of them.

  • And I

  • I think I'm going to do that today.

  • So I think today in my home,

  • So I think today in my home,

  • I'm going to force my poor husband

  • to help me with the photo shoot with all these,

  • and then I'm going to throw 'em away.

  • Unless you guys want them

  • 'cause I don't.

  • First place.

  • Watson-Lancer Speech Tournament.

  • First place in duo.

  • Oh my god, there's just so many!

  • Third place.

  • This one's small.

  • I don't even know what this is.

  • There's no plaque on it.

  • Anyway so, I'm gonna take a

  • I'm gonna do a photo shoot today.

  • Maybe put on a dress

  • and some makeup for the first time in a really long time.

  • And yeah.

  • We're just gonna say goodbye to all these trophies today.

  • And then, I'm probably gonna go to sleep at like 9?

  • And wake up at noon?

  • And wake up at noon?

  • 'Cause that's what I've been doing

  • for like a week.

  • Alright.

  • I think

  • I think that's it.

Hey everybody!


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