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  • Neil: Feifei, why are you cutting holes

  • in that bed sheet?

  • Feifei: Oh, just getting my costume ready

  • for tonight, Neil. I'm coming as a ghost.

  • What about you?

  • Neil: I don't really feel like it, Feifei.

  • Feifei: I thought you were bringing

  • your new girlfriend?

  • Neil: Sadly not. She hasn't replied

  • to any of my messages for a whole week.

  • Feifei: Oh, sorry Neil. Looks like

  • she's ghosting you.

  • Neil: No. Like I said, she's

  • not coming tonight. You'll be

  • the only ghost at the party, I'm afraid.

  • Feifei: Neil, 'ghosting' is a slang word.

  • If you ghost someone, it means

  • you suddenly stop all communication

  • with them, with no explanation.

  • Neil: Ah right. Yes, she doesn't answer

  • my calls, doesn't reply to my texts.

  • Feifei: That's ghosting. Some people do it

  • to end a relationship.

  • Neil: So, are you saying she wants

  • to split up with me?

  • Feifei: I don't know, but it's not a very

  • nice way to treat people. We even use the

  • word 'ghosting' between friends when one

  • stops contacting the other, it's not only

  • for romantic relationships.

  • Anyway, help me cut this second eye

  • out of my ghost costume while

  • we play some examples.

  • Katia felt awful for weeks after being

  • ghosted by a guy she really liked.

  • Keiko wanted to break up with

  • her boyfriend but didn't want to upset him.

  • So when he suddenly started

  • ghosting her, she actually felt relieved.

  • Jorge and Rafa used to hang out all

  • the time at school. But once

  • they started university,

  • Jorge just ghosted Rafa.

  • Feifei: You're listening to The English

  • We Speak from BBC Learning English.

  • The expression we're looking at

  • in this programme is 'ghosting'.

  • And, Neil... there we are!

  • One ghost costume.

  • Thanks for your help.

  • Neil: I just want to know why, Feifei. Why

  • is she ghosting me? What did I do wrong?

  • Feifei: Neil, that's the difficult thing about

  • ghosting. You won't get those answers.

  • Sorry.

  • Neil: Oh, it's her.

  • Feifei: What is she saying?

  • Neil: "Sorry Neil. I lost my phone last week

  • and only just found it again. Call me.

  • Kiss."

  • Feifei: There you go!

  • Neil: She sent a kiss! Feifei, let's make

  • her a costume - I'm going to invite her to

  • this party.

  • Feifei: OK! One more ghost costume?

  • Neil: No, I think I've had enough ghosts for

  • one day.

  • Both: Bye.

Neil: Feifei, why are you cutting holes


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英語の「ゴースト」の意味は?? (What does the English word 'ghosting' mean? ?)

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