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  • Let's talk about painting glory because this is a very as you said, this is really Almodovar's story of his life.

  • The records, but But it's told through many different stages.

  • Is that right?

  • Yeah, a knish in those pages of life, maybe, Or time's not exactly.

  • I mean, some events that are in the movie are biographical.

  • They're things that really happen.

  • And some others know is what he called, you know, sell fiction.

  • Um, things that he wanted to say, that he never said things that he wanted to do, that he never did.

  • You know, he made that happened in the movie.

  • It's almost like full feeling a passel off your life and putting pieces that were missed at some point.

  • And you just start thinking, you know that, are you?

  • Only the things that you have done said, Are you also your dreams on?

  • So the movies is pretty much about that.

  • It's about looking back at a specific age.

  • He's 70 years old.

  • My name, he said to me, You know that he's had a a moment in the life of people in which there is only space for the truth.

  • And so he's just strangers to look back and look for his truth.

  • I think he did a very beautiful movie that actually connect with audiences, particularly all around the world.

  • It was a beautiful experience.

  • We have a clip here.

  • I believe this is where your character is talking to your mom, his his mom.

  • Yeah, and, ah, it's Ah, it's a It's a very It's a powerful scene.

  • Let's take a look at this clinic but seem to mature.

  • No, it's, you know, Kylie Corbett to this house when they see us.

  • I'm going over to see those two.

  • Nina.

  • Well, that's yes, pretty Tonto imprinted.

  • I have to say, I I have to say and I find this to be true of, ah, of French and Spanish.

  • I find those languages so beautiful that I find I'm almost drawn in Maur by that language.

  • When I'm watching a scene, it feels really powerful because it feels like music to May.

  • And obviously I English doesn't feel that way to me, you know, every every language is true.

  • It has his own music on, actually makes you even move in different ways.

  • If you make a movie in Italy and I have done Because I speak Italian to your hand, Sister Moving immediately, right?

  • Yeah, it's true.

  • You know that when I'm in Italy, I start you do that saying I want the pizza pie, and they're like, you know, Oh, he's making fun of us.

  • And I'm like, No, I'm not.

  • I'm just It's what happens.

  • You know what happened when I go to Ireland?

  • I'm just angry all the time.

  • But however you know Australia Oh, yeah.

  • Oh, my God.

  • I just drank so much.

  • That's what happens.

  • You just have a lot to drink.

  • Uh, I am so excited for you.

  • Do you have you prepared two to go to the Oscars?

  • Do you?

  • Are you nervous about her?

  • And you just feel like I'm going to go and whatever happens happens.

  • Yeah, you know, I am not the favorite.

  • I am just going there to enjoy a magnificent year off with my friend Peril.

  • Moreover, with a wonderful movie that connect.

  • As I said to you before, with audiences all around the world, we got a bunch of forwards.

  • We're totally fine.

  • I wanna have fun.

  • Really?

  • Well, we're so happy for you Been coming on my show for many years and you're a brilliant actor and I'm so thrilled for you.

  • This is really exciting.

  • Pain and glory is in select theaters.

  • Nationally, we'll be watching the house was Antonio.

Let's talk about painting glory because this is a very as you said, this is really Almodovar's story of his life.


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