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on the African continent.
Over 750,000 debts animal are due to air pollution is the single largest environmental health risks facing Johannesburg is a very vibrant city, is a cosmopolitan city and there's a lot of diversity.
Such an environment actually spurts human ingenuity and innovation.
That's a big part of why I have chosen to remain in Africa.
Uranus Bogus is well on its way to becoming a major city with a lot of that migration, a certain unintended consequences.
Motorized ation, urbanization, waste burning Challenge really is how can we actually grow?
Our economy is in a sustainable, responsible manner.
We view this as a data problem most of the models, for with the prediction on your miracle models, we're using cognitive computing.
We would make you soft machine learning is a systems that can understand taken reason they could learn continuously improve themselves.
So we've got the software solution in place to come up with the realistic solution.
We do need to solve the data problem.
A lot off organizations are created equal compliance purposes with partner in the city governments.
We're partnering with environmental protection agencies and various other stakeholders.
So what?
We're doing is converting that data into insights, so we understand the technology.
But they understand the challenges on the ground.
Since the partnership, in the true sense of the word, some of the potential outcomes feud empowering citizens so that they can make more informed decisions for business will be in a position to self regulate government.
It may mean that the in a position to make decisions using the best information available about how to expand public infrastructure as well as how to police industry, predicting outcomes and improving the outcomes.
That's what it means.
Ultimately, yes, I do believe I'm in the right place.


TED & IBM Africa "Air Quality Innovations"

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