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As you know, Santa Claus has his hands full this next couple of weeks of maybe toys.
People are questioning his ethnicity. He's overwhelmed
So, here we have decided to pitch on to help you broke out our trustee lie detector to help him determine which kids deserve to get presents this year
and which don't. I should mention the lie detector is fake. I control it with my foot, but seven year old Taylor didn't know that.
And so she swore to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Hi! Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you, too
That's the 'Truth Fairy
Hi!Nice meeting you!
Getting up.
The Truth Fairy is gonna put the lie detector on you. Okay!
And so, it's an electronic device attached to your fingers and to your head there.
And if you do lie to me, we will hear a buzzer. We will know that you are lying.
So I ask that you tell the complete truth. Okay!
Okay! Okay. Very good!
As you know, Christmas is coming up.
Have you done anything, anything at all naughty this year?
Okay, now right off the bat we're getting some lies so just go ahead and tell me some of the naughty things you did.
It's okay, but tell me the truth and...
Well, sometimes I don't really clean up after my dog because, well, I know Santa does it.
Because one night when we visited Virginia , it was Christmas day and I went on to my yard and I'm like 'What is that?'
It was big reindeer poop.
I didn't know why I thought he cleaned up after his reindeer
Can I tell you something? And I, and I just, if you keep this between us it would be great.
Santa's reindeer didn't poop on the lawn.
Santa poop on the lawn.
Isn't that slape for, you know, the whole night?
And sometimes with all the cookies that people leave him, sometimes he just has to go so Santa pooped in that yard in Virginia.
Ah huh..
Even Santa does naughty things sometimes
Even I get to know Santa for awhile was pooping in the house.
Yeah, and it was a problem because people, you know, wanna know what's going on, they're blaming their children
Do you think it's better to give gifts or to get gifts?
I think give. I mean like give him, but they give, they give..that's what I mean.
They give. Oh, okay. All right. That makes more sense.
They give. So you think it's better to receive than to give?
Yeah, kinda. I still need to learn that.
You what?
I kinda still need to learn that.
When was the last time you did something really nice?
Actually not really. I can't think of anything
Well, I'm glad you're being honest about it. I mean, you know, not everyone does nice things.
Not everyone.
You included
Maybe you can do some nice things before Christmas time.
Do you do your chores?
Well, not all the time
Not all the time.
Okay, tell me about..
Sometimes when my dad tells me to take out the dog I do.
Even if it's not really Stuard's steward that he never does.
Who's Stuard? Is that the mouse? My brother
Oh, your brother. Okay.
Your brother's named after a mouse?
Is your brother a mouse?
Well, he knows the show of Stuart Little, the mouse.
So, do you think I should write him down for a 'no gifts'?
Well, maybe, or..
Maybe like half a gift Yeah, half
Maybe, we'll drop something in half and give it to him.
Like maybe..
Half a cookie.
Or like half a bracelet or necklace.
Oh, that's a good idea. We'll give him half a bracelet or half a necklace
Or ring.
Have you done anything else you want to tell me about this year?
Is there anything that I could say to Santa that would..because the nicer you've been, the more gifts you're gonna get.
I mean it's as simple as that.
No, not really.
I have one more question for you
Do you think the Truth Fairy is beautiful?
Yes, I think I've seen that before
Well, yes, for the little white things that kinda looks like.
Well, no, I'm not really asking about.. Well, could use a little pretty hair.
I'm just saying look at the Truth Fairy. Do you think the Truth Fairy is beautiful?
I love the wings and pink is my favorite color
I know, but the question I'm asking is 'Do you think the Truth Fairy is beautiful?
Yes, except for the mustache
Do you think the Truth Fairy should shave?
See that Truth Fairy? I tell you you should shave.
For Christmas, I'll shave
I'll shave for Christmas


ジミー・キンメルの嘘探偵 - いたずらかナイス版 #2

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