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  • Hey, everybody.

  • They're excited about the show wise.

  • We'll start with monologue.

  • You'll come through that curtain.

  • Mark, tell some jokes, please address me as host.

  • The rapper desk will throw your piece you shot a couple weeks ago.

  • Are you ready to play?

  • Cry right now for $100.

  • And were you paying, don't you?

  • You've seen right you're familiar with.

  • And then you perform.

  • Yeah, and then you take the night of the Reggie.

  • Take us home.

  • Anything that you're concerned by will want to spend more time on or want the show to be.

  • Or any thoughts that you want to show you.

  • Is there like a more sketch based segment that we could do or even a game with the audience?

  • That isn't necessarily, uh Were you paying attention?

  • Whether it's script it or just like something that involves the prop department or a costume, I always find it.

  • We'll have.

  • This is something we should read through.

  • Lauren.

  • We're just talking about idea.

  • Could you do like a nuzzle web?

  • What's in Canton?

  • Hazel eyes.

  • And they just have to know something with their face.

  • Like don't like ice sculptures.

  • They're, like, nice.

  • Yeah, guess what it is without using their hats.

  • Assume arrested, it comes out then it's huge properties.

  • Like other symbols on payroll, that was probably the best place.

  • Yeah, it's bigger.

  • It's been like a pig.

  • Brandy late, mate.

  • You're on a new just really phone bill.

  • Yeah, I'm no entice.

  • Your chance realizes what he's got itself into.

  • We're looking for a reindeer a week before Christmas so that he could not see it.

  • But it's his ideas for this half baked idea that's not fully done cooking yet.

  • But objective is to save the day by changing the news by one word.

  • More heads.

  • The bubbles are like from, you know, I decided to take some of today's headlines and put a positive spin on This is Chance's hit, Obama says.

  • Women indisputably better at leading, you know, And I think also like, what could be funny.

  • And the bed is like, if I'm like pretending, like, scratch it out on her Obama and Chance the rapper.

  • Same thing way.

  • It's a dream.

  • Yeah, thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • On chance and then, like, Reg is, like, so hard to get this on my shag job.

  • I got overturned home from work and was shocked to find a 10 foot python pulled up on their Christmas tree or a sample of external call.

  • It snakes on a I like that.

  • Be something funny to say like and I didn't even know that they had just introduced the new Popeye's chicken 391 mile long traffic jam.

  • I had no idea Pears even had the new Popeye's chicken sandwich.

  • I don't think it looks like.

  • All right, so this is the part where James tells jokes about the news.

  • Yes, these are my news jokes with you, I e.

  • I think it was funny with state.

  • Needless to say, though, there was a lot of pardon.

  • My French is my own brother.

  • Take a minute, Big E.

  • I thought there was a real animal in my late or by you're gonna get grew more weight on a Christmas tree or a Samuel L.

Hey, everybody.


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