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  • a stethoscope in his left hand and a set of moved in his right.

  • What's your big trousers?

  • Black leather shoes break on.

  • The doctor begins his ward round to the small crowd forms of health care workers, all trying to serve a single cause.

  • Either fellow human suffering and misfortune to be the beacon of hope and patient go report to.

  • So they move from bed to bed from Big Toe Bay from case to case pressed for time but taking notes for longer than they compensate until they get Mr Patient.

  • He's been bedridden for 11 days.

  • Doctor Participation told him about the results from the G e D.

  • You know, I think that we have a baby with Deep STD booth and with people like the idea that an A B G disease with PhD with a U.

  • C.

  • Explained nothing so they were a couple dozen pieces involve the screws off complications with 30 for humanity.

  • They push from the product broke that the problem is inside the blood.

  • That was the case.

  • You tell us about 20 minutes.

  • Bobby's mother them explain things, Doctor from the patient.

  • I told him that you get here from the very specialised of teams.

  • Patient said.

  • Maybe that will take care of my disease.

  • But if you can hear me Wait, wait, wait.

  • Hello to the O to let's go to places We don't know what's gonna be spoke to you.

  • To feel how we can't reveal how patients do you feel.

  • Sometimes they do Byfield down.

  • Did I do to some time?

  • I do not have, like five clues.

  • Sometimes I feel like my point that you feel I feel the same.

  • I think you might try to interrupt a date.

  • But it's difficult.

  • Don't fight that city you carefully.

  • But I promise you should get to what?

  • Sure.

  • That way I have a bento for using my booth way tithe.

  • But it's the best You rest.

  • Wait.

  • What?

a stethoscope in his left hand and a set of moved in his right.


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