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  • As I said, we're gonna try and find some positive, obviously, very much in a sporting context.

  • Data football one with the current situation that, potentially, with the season being delayed, is return of injured players.

  • If you look at this graphic here, you will see players who are currently out injured.

  • Should they return for the running mark.

  • Where that may be, how significant could that be?

  • Look at the names on that this Jeff.

  • Lots of hurricane jump up a Spurs supporter, obviously, but Saand cane returning, cutting God can't a tiny Abraham.

  • These big players eternally club to be fighting it out for championship off.

  • Somebody plays.

  • It's so very, very significant.

  • I mean, potentially, Alan.

  • How much will that skew the end of the season?

  • Would you just accept?

  • Because this these are out unprecedented times, that that's fortunate clubs?

  • Who could get those players?

  • I think with the injuries, I think you would accept that, you know, so that that's just a byproduct of the situation.

  • Ruin.

  • So somebody like John begin fasting.

  • Villa could make a difference in their relegation fight that kind apply return and give them something extra.

  • Give the Justin Rumor left.

  • So yeah, I mean for the managers could work in their favor.

  • I mean, when you looked at that list, what the names that jumped out for you?

  • Well, again, I think was one.

  • I mean, Harry Kane is obviously a huge figure for Spurs were all looking ahead to the Euros.

  • Would he be fit for England?

  • But of course, that's probably not gonna be relevant now.

  • And Spurs not really going for too much in the way of league places or trophy.

  • So I mean, he'll be pleased to get back.

  • If you can think Cider 2021 I'm sure he will.

  • But brash food as well for united with ambitions for Europe is an important plan for them.

  • The other thing as well.

  • It's happened at your club.

  • Mark surely would change the mindset of some injured players.

  • Now the cough.

  • They can't get back any quicker, but there's a possibility of playing getting this season, which is a huge carrot for them, isn't it?

  • We have a couple of INGE oppose Jeff in their first reaction before the severity of the situation became apparent, they punched the air because they felt we'll be back in three or four weeks time, we have a chance of a selection of being involved in important game.

  • So absolutely they want to play.

  • That's it.

  • But all the whole this comes down to, I have to wait and see.

  • Same question keeps rising.

  • Where can you see potentially sure positives coming from administrators world with regard to this current situation, I think the one positive you can draw is that the way you wear for have set about train thio bring everybody together.

  • That has been factions that has bean splits and divides, not just between England and new effort across across the globe.

  • Actually, the chance to sit down and trying to resolve this issue on a collective basis hopefully, could create a basis of a better relationship going forward that we heard from Garden Sailor rarely about the needs to be flexibility around player registrations.

  • There's going to have to be a lot of people coming together to try and make this work, and hopefully whoever is actually over the top of all this holding the pen, putting it together could bring a number of different things together.

  • We might just actually be able to address some of the bigger issues, you know, that we've faced in the game in normal times.

  • Now we shouldn't use this as an opportunity we should.

  • We shouldn't miss the opportunity to benefit the game as a whole created, created by by this by bringing everybody together, what we can achieve will be down to the appetite and the individuals that are concerned.

  • I mean following on from what Sean said there.

  • Brian, how much do you think there's an awareness monks, football authorities, certainly the international bodies, that they have been the target of a huge amount of criticism in recent years?

  • This is potential.

  • Is this potential for them to repair some of that?

  • Absolutely.

  • It's strong leadership.

  • That's what's needed.

  • The game is talking Maur.

  • It has to talk more for the good off sport, for the good of football because in some cases clubs survive on these decisions.

  • It's a simple as that you talked about positives.

  • I think one thing that needs to be mentioned tears that football clubs in particular plays such an important role in communities advance.

  • What we have seen is we've seen those positive messages from clubs on social media.

  • We've seen donations from players for food banks.

  • We've actually seen the game coming together and realizing that you know what seven months of arguing about they are.

  • Isn't that important in the grand scheme of things?

  • What's important right now is what's happening on the streets.

  • People are struggling and clubs are stepping up.

  • Players are stepping up to help them, meaning that needs a reminder of what a wonderful game it is.

  • Of course, it's got its faults, and we're quite often pick up those faults.

  • But essentially, it's a fantastic sport that brings the whole country practically together.

  • And we've only been out of a weekend, and already we're We're pointing for return so we shouldn't forget how much good you in just a few PR mark very much that you can put that message out there.

  • You're very important.

  • McKee P.

  • I was a huge community club.

  • So much work is done by keep you and like minded clubs.

  • But it's such a vital role right now, this this press in time to really send a powerful message to so that there comes a with them and they're playing their part in helping communities.

  • Okay, we wish you Well, that just time to thank you all for your time.

  • Alan.

  • To mark short.

  • Of course.

  • O'Brien as well.

  • We would back tomorrow night with another debate here on Sky Sports news Guest Tomorrow evening will be Jamie Redknapp, Gary Rowett, Adrian Bevington on Brian's wanted.

As I said, we're gonna try and find some positive, obviously, very much in a sporting context.


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