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  • That's the lane structure.

  • It's finally working for that picture open.

  • It's on its way from trying to do is to organize things, make sense of things but keeping it open so you can be extended by myself about all the time.

  • It could be a lot of jokes about, and but I think it's actually apartment when you want to do something with this should be open.

  • So it wasn't candy.

  • Things can be done, probably in the first place, and you released him completely open and doesn't get.

  • My guess is that he's trying to do trying to greatly high, high quality content in a very private, very smooth it's taken and spend it wait like that before Princess Project, you need to have an idea.

  • And of course, people care about you nurtured.

  • Treasure it and then you can become whatever.

  • But you're important.

  • That's somewhere process.

  • This is the essence, so open this need structure open.

  • It's it's it's an intentional beaming.

  • Then it becomes structure becomes it doesn't necessary part in administration organized or doesn't need to be made to become a legacy, but they need to be awesome.

  • Starting point needs to be clear while you were in a chair.

  • That's openness.

  • Next.

  • Because then you can look at this sequence upside down.

  • Ages upside.

  • I'm actually gonna do something.

  • Do something else, Not even a full of me.

  • You're gonna turn the camera upside down, and so we're gonna continue the interview upside down.

  • So that's open issue.

  • You don't have boundaries.

  • Are dimensions our gratitude.

  • Quiet.

  • It could be anything.

That's the lane structure.


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A2 初級

急進的な開放性 -- 原田セザール (Radical Openness -- Cesar Harada)

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