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  • principle.

  • Six.

  • Promote team engagement and effective cross business cooperation.

  • Imagine a team where every player is out for themselves without shared goals, communication and cooperation.

  • It would be chaos on the field.

  • But too often organizations miss this lesson because departments are isolated and disconnected from each other.

  • Like a coach, a strong leader must inspire and insist upon collaboration and trust between or players.

  • To effectively implement strategic programs across your business, you need to bring your team together by engaging key employees across all departments.

  • This applies to more than just senior leadership.

  • Gain genuine buying from middle and line managers by engaging and activating them as champions off your teen strategy.

  • Take nothing for granted your entire team or share a common understanding off your strategic goals and set clear plans for achieving those priorities.

  • Transparency is key as you engender trust in your vision and communicated across department involving everyone in the process and together you'll all be playing on a winning team.



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TED&Brightlineがプレゼン。ブライトラインの指針6 (TED & Brightline present: Brightline's Guiding Principle 6)

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