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  • principle.

  • One acknowledged that strategy delivery is just as important as strategy designed.

  • Ideas don't thrive in a vacuum.

  • Change doesn't happen on paper, and strategy isn't just a fancy word for a business plan.

  • Bringing strategy Toe life requires more than discussion.

  • Implementation needs to be inherent in the design process cultivated from the beginning.

  • Just a ZA coach doesn't create a playbook and then walk away on game day.

  • Effective strategy requires purposeful design and delivery.

  • But what is delivery?

  • We believe strategy is not simply an action, but a process of managing a series of actions with an eye on the end game making design and delivery equal partners on the plane.

  • In other words, we should think of strategy as both the playbook and the game itself.

  • And as a leader of your organization, it's an essential part of your world to ensure that your team has the capability and accountability to implement your strategy.

  • This means communication, resource management and dedication to your vision, ensuring strategic projects have successfully delivered across the organization.



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