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My name is Skylar.
Tibbits Exhibition is called Biomolecular Self Assembly.
It's a collaboration between myself, Arthur Olson, a molecular biologist, and auto desk research, and the idea is that we made 500 of these glass flats with different molecular structures inside on, and there's three different colors of three different molecular structures.
Goal is that everyone a Ted Global, would be able to walk away with unique self assembly kit.
So in each one of these, there's different number of parts on by randomly shaking it, parts filled up self assemble into the molecular structure.
So each participant and Ted Global can walk away with a kid that describes how the molecular structure is built, but also proposing that this could be an assemblyman on much larger scales.
So there's three key elements.
There's geometry, and that ensures that the shape is built correctly.
Then there's magnets, which is the attraction pattern so the parts can find each other.
They can error, correct.
You can create different patterns of magnets, even with the same geometry.
And then there's energy, which is how fast shake it.
Just sort of the temperature, um, at the molecular scale.
So if I should get faster than a lot of energy in the parts break apart.
But if I should get slower and it's the right amount of interaction, I should get to slow, then they won't assemble.


Skylar Tibbits -- the Biomolecular Self-Assembly Kit

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 22 日 に公開
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