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  • from the biggest issues of the day.

  • Deepest issues of soul, wonder, insight, ideas.

  • It's time for Ted.

  • We truly are living in an extraordinary time.

  • Space itself is stretching its expanded.

  • We cannot both fear failure and make amazing new way are brilliant and creative spaces.

  • This could be fun.

  • As a kid, I used to lie on the bed, the stars and just wonder about why things are the way they are.

  • And Ted's an attempt to answer that question.

  • Why do we humans find ourselves in a universe with the particular amount of dark energy we've measured instead of any of the other possibilities that are out there?

  • What I want to show you next is a music video.

  • Nine Robots place six different instruments.

  • When you're in the presence of a great speaker, you're almost hypnotized by them.

  • They just bring you along on their journey way.

  • Need to think big way, need event our way.

  • Working together head the Academy Awards for Nerds wades into the idea that I've always been interested in everything.

  • You come to Ted and then your brain just melts with the activity.

  • I went to the psychopath spotting course and I am now a certified psychopath.

  • We're talking a 900 page book in which a horde of tiny people emerge from the mouth of a sleeping girl and cause a German shepherd to explode.

  • So much of Ted is what people can see and experience and learn that's not available anywhere else.

  • We're inviting people to turn their genes into their own unique music track.

  • It is a form of visual note taking to the capturing, the essence of different speakers and what they're saying.

  • We're going to go to Palm Springs.

  • Welcome to the bamboozling edge of the multiverse.

  • I just love how spontaneous is Never know what's gonna come next full of us full about a mom.

  • It's not about being scarce.

  • It's about accessibility, taking that which was scarce and making it abundantly.

  • You know what the big secret about Ted is?

  • Very few people here are afraid to fail, and that's what this conference to me is about.

  • It's about solving the problems of the world and using really creative solutions to do so.

  • Conversations that I've had ways that I've been pushed on challenge.

  • I'm definitely thinking more globally than I was before.

  • All of our so behave Oh was tied to the survival of everyone.

  • We cannot be full evolved human beings and we care about humanity.

  • It's all about you.

  • Let's join together less joining together.

  • It's amazing, mind blowing, encouraging, hopeful, deeply, incredibly inspiring epic, incredible.

from the biggest issues of the day.


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