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  • YouTuber Tom Made and Jim Clark pull off the most epic prank

  • by turning an empty office into a hospital room,

  • convincing their Mark he’s been in a coma for ten years.

  • Hi!

  • Yep.

  • It’s go time, he’s out, Ray just called me and his is outRight now he’s passed out in his truck.

  • You need me to come get him, what do you wanna do?

  • No no no, we can get himwe can get him just meet me at your office,

  • and call the guys, it’s go time.

  • Mr. (beep) can you hear me?

  • Yeah. Can you hear me? Youre in the hospital, youre gonna be fine

  • Youre gonna be just fine. I’ll bring the doctor in, hell be right back. Ok?

  • Alright. Be right back

  • Uh, Mr. (Beep). Wow! Look at you! Buddy, great to see you. You have no idea.

  • Listen, I’m Dr. James. Just get you up here a little bit more comfortable.

  • I know youre confused, a little disoriented.

  • I take it you probably got a lot of questions, not really know what’s going on, do you? It’s alright.

  • The family has been contacted and they are on the way.

  • Great, thank you.

  • Uh, some time ago you decided you was drinking, drinking,

  • and you decided to drive and there was an accident.

  • You have been here with us for some time; this accident took place back in 2013.

  • Mr. (Beep) 2023, you have been in a coma for the past 10 years.

  • My daughter alright?

  • Well, she’s, she’s she’s been contacted, theyre on their way.

  • I don’t have all the answers for you right now, I gotta call (inaudible) come in.

  • As soon as he gets here, he’s on his way.

  • See my daughter?

  • I understand she’s coming, she’s on her way.

  • Uh, like I said I don’t have all the answers, youre gonna be taken care of, youre gonna be alright.

  • Let me, let me check on my colleague, make sure he’s in here,

  • he’s gonna help you better make a transition from where youve been to where you need to be,

  • it’s alright, just try to relax, uh watch a little television if you can.

  • Just try to relax it’s alright. Can’t believe it, you look great, look great!

  • Hello, this is Aimee Nuzzo with a news update,

  • former songstress and actress Miley Cyrus is facing eviction from a bullet Kentucky Trailer Park

  • for refusing to stop defecating on neighbors yards.

  • This isn’t the first incident that Cyrus has had withe the Mobile Home-Owner Association,

  • you may recall back in 2015, Cyrus was busted for cooking meth in her Double-Wide.

  • President Hillary Clinton has vowed to attack Canada

  • if the nation does not stop granting citizenship to Americans who flee the U.S.

  • due to the manditory Clinton Hair-Care Program.

  • And finally, Justin Bieber and his lifetime partner Dale Earnheart Jr.

  • celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Charlotte North Carolina

  • along with their dogs Pitrode, and Drumloop.

  • I am Aimee Nuzzo and this has been a news update.

  • Hello. Oh my gosh, my son was 2 years-old when you came in here and he’s 12 now.

  • That’s uh, so do you know, do you know where youre atdo you know what year it is?

  • What do you remember? What do you recall? Your last memory? Before the nine?

  • Went out drinking, that’s all I remember.

  • Yeah, you were uh that’s a shame so close your eyes for a minute,

  • I wanna test something with your feet here. Close your eyes, do you feel this? You feel that?

  • A little bit.

  • You feel that?

  • Yeah. You feel that? Alright.


  • 5 DUI’S! 5 DUI’S!

  • I know. I’ma kill you motherfucker

  • You did it. 5 FUCKIN DUI’S! 5 FUCKIN DUI’S!!

  • It’s not funny! It’s not funny, you could lost your daughter.

  • Ten years wasted away here. Ten years!

  • Dude, you gotta fuckinstop thatlook your fuckinlaughing!

YouTuber Tom Made and Jim Clark pull off the most epic prank


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