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  • You're a huge, huge star in the UK and to the point where I, you know, I don't know.

  • How could someone like you even go outside?

  • It's not that I mean a case Now I got I got recognized.

  • Uh, it's normally if I'm in close quarter combat.

  • Azaz has happened to me once.

  • I was I was in, like, a burger bar in a burger bar in Manchester.

  • Yeah, I like to hang out in those places.

  • It's kind of you meet interesting people right on dhe.

  • I was in there.

  • And this this this guy I got involved in kind of a scuffle.

  • A fight, right?

  • Sa friend bites.

  • And these guys jumped to this friend of mine, and I pulled this guy off, and I was on the floor on top of him, and and we were struggling and rolling around on the Florence, and someone pulled his apartment, the hiatus, and he stopped in the middle of a fight.

  • Hey, you Steve Coogan.

  • Anyone?

  • Yeah.

  • Hey, I've got all your DVDs on.

  • I said, All right, So anybody pleased to meet you like this?

  • I've just been, like, banging his head off.

  • It's great.

  • Great and I said Yes.

  • Sorry.

  • I said you Could you sign my autograph?

  • And I was like, Yeah, that would've been the perfect time to hit him, too.

  • It's like, Yeah, wouldn't see that coming.

  • You know, when you first hit it big.

  • I read once that you Ah, you wanted to treat yourself.

  • You want a little You went a little nuts when you first had your big success in England.

  • You went out and you bought a red Ferrari.

  • Is that true?

  • Yeah.

  • Was that you know the one Magnum P I drove?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, I'm one of those on dhe.

  • I bought the Hawaiian shirt to go its face.

  • People that Ferrari drivers get a lot of stick.

  • So difficult not to be.

  • You get stopped by the police for speeding and realize how hard it is not to go quickly in one of those cars, right?

  • People don't you know people have more sympathy for Ferrari?

  • I think There Yeah, I think it's terrible the way Ferrari driver.

  • Yeah, they're treated horribly.

  • Yeah, first gear is what, 80 miles an hour just to get out of the parking lot.

  • Now, this project that you're here to promote this very interesting Trustem Shandy.

  • And in this it's a movie about you and you're playing yourself making a movie.

  • And so we see ah ah, lot of scenes where you're preparing to make the movie or your offset making the movie.

  • There's actually a scene that I really love where you're with your co star in the film and you start both doing doing Pacino's Al Pacino impression because you're very competitive with each other.

  • Yeah, I wouldn't call it my coast.

  • I tase a supporting actor.

  • I'm sorry I lost my head there.

  • Did you?

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • OK, But now he, uh, Wade just sort of Julian Pacino's, in fact, his Al Pacino impression.

  • When we were doing on the set that that's in the film, it's actually it's better than mine.

  • And I didn't like it, but I just said to the directors of this, it does that I have to be in the film is relevant.

  • Relevant?

  • Uh huh.

  • And you have that power.

  • If anything, if he does anything a little better, you can have it cut out of, you know, I try.

  • You know what?

  • We have a possible Obviously which Pacino do you specialize in is in early.

  • Want this to this?

  • This kind of there's the Pacino that that took place in the Godfather years ago when he was a younger man, Right?

  • Right.

  • When he speaks like you disrespect the family right now sounds lot.

  • Hold on for no reason why I like that.

  • Just a lot of random shouting.

  • Yeah, right When what we least expected?

You're a huge, huge star in the UK and to the point where I, you know, I don't know.


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スティーブ・クーガンのアル・パチーノ印象 - "Late Night With Conan O Brien" (Steve Coogan’s Al Pacino Impression - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien")

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