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  • Here's the crazy ones,

  • misfits,

  • Ranals,

  • troublemakers,

  • the round heads in the square holes

  • They see things differently.

  • They are not fun to fool.

  • and they have no respect,

  • for the status quo.

  • You can quo them.

  • disagree with them,

  • glorify or vilify them.

  • bUT THE ONLY THING YOU CAN'T DO, Is to ignore them.

  • because they change things.

  • They push the human race, Forward.

  • And some may see them as the crazy ones,

  • We see genius.

  • Because the people who are crazy enough,

  • to think they can change the world. are the ones who do.

Here's the crazy ones,


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スティーブ・ジョブズ--永遠に彼を覚えている。 (Steve Jobs--Remember Him For Ever.)

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