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  • There's a little thing going on in a country called Iraq, which is not my favorite war.

  • My favorite war is

  • Oh, they're so many

  • They're good for different reasons

  • Falklands! That's...

  • Probably the Falklands, cos we won that one

  • and it was great, it was against Argentina. Yeah, weird.

  • We're going to war with Argentina. Alright, OK, fair enough, yeah.

  • But...

  • the reason it's my favorite war is that it was a range war and what that means is that

  • the Argentine guns

  • could fire 9 kilometers

  • the British guns

  • could fire 17 kilometers

  • so we just parked our ships

  • 10 kilometers away

  • and theirs were falling into the sea

  • and we were shelling the shit out of them.

  • It's the war equivalent of holding a midget at arm's length

  • and he's flailing and you're just kicking him in the bollocks like that.

  • Vietnam - best soundtrack.

  • Second World War

  • best ending.

  • That had to be the end, that was a great finale, you couldn't follow that, could you?

  • People are worried about atomic energy

  • ooh, it's bad

  • the effects are still being

  • felt today

  • but it ended a war

  • and that's good

  • and it was discovered by Einstein

  • and he's a genius

  • in his 1903 paper he said that light can be described as discrete bundles

  • of energies

  • the when irradiate on an unstable me..

  • What maniac thinks like that? Really.

  • I'm not a doctor, but I think that's what turns Stephen Hawking mad - too much thinking.

  • Do you know what I mean?

  • [robotic voice] The universe is expanding

  • 'Course it is, Stephen, yeah, 'course it is, yeah.

  • Jeez, take a day off

  • Go for a walk.

  • Well, not a walk, but, I mean, just... No...

  • Open a window

  • watch a bit of TV, Robot Wars is on, you love that, don't ya?

  • Greatest mind on the planet.

  • People say ooh, we shouldn't have a go at Stephen Hawking, ooh, he's a genius.

  • He is not a genius

  • he's pretentious.

  • Born in Oxford and talks with that fake American accent.

  • He is actually a hero of mine

  • not my greatest hero, my greatest hero

  • is Nelson Mandela.

  • What a man, isn't he? Incredible man.

  • [Applause]

  • Incarcerated for twenty five years

  • he was released in 1990, he's been out for about eighteen years now.

  • And he hasn't reoffended.

  • I think he's going straight

  • which shows you prison does work.

  • I learnt a lot last year about one of your great American heroes Rosa Parks. It was the

  • 200 years celebration

  • of the abolition of slavery in Britain last year.

  • We were a bit ahead of you on that, but well done, well done.

  • But the abolition of slavery wasn't the end of racism, racism was still inherent in society

  • as late as the 50's and 60's in England and America.

  • And it was this one incident that sparked off the civil rights movement

  • A young black woman called Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person on the

  • bus, it was the law

  • but she'd had enough.

  • And she was arrested for that

  • but then that law was changed.

  • But she didn't stop there

  • she started sitting in those seats meant for disabled people.

  • She talked to the driver when the bus was in motion.

  • Did she have the correct change ready? Did she, bollocks.

  • Oh, some people.

  • Cheers!

There's a little thing going on in a country called Iraq, which is not my favorite war.


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