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Hi, guys.
Welcome to another episode of education.
If you watch my lost video, you know that recently I've been having a bit of a rough time.
It's complicated, so complicated.
Pretty much can't tell you what problems.
But I can tell you how I'm dealing with them and I'm dealing with them with sugar.
Today, we're going to be making a really easy brownie.
So festival time ahead back because I don't want a hair in my brownie.
I leave the recipe in the description down below because you know, this is my own recipe or anything, but I always find recipes that don't have, like, a whole chunk of chocolate in them or milk or anything.
I prefer to just go with the simplest brownie recipes ever, because then I don't have to spend money on ingredients.
So we need 125 grams of buses, don't have cups of cost of sugar.
Three eggs.
We need one and 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla essence.
We need half a cup of cocoa powder and 3/4 of a cup of plain flour.
No, I don't have a weighing thing to see how much 100 25 grams of butter.
This wait 10 I think one stripe.
It's 10 grand's Let's go.
Little instructions here.
I'm pretty sure that's that's one stripe equals 10 grand's love Pretty good.
Now, I did this in the room.
Order it.
Melt the butter first and then mix it with sugar.
But, uh, so I'm just gonna put this whole thing into my great American.
Is anything wrong with that?
This is my microwave, by the way.
Stuff That's a nice mix of knotted sugar and butter.
I am correct.
Three eggs into this hole with the butter and sugar.
With these brownies, I used to use pretty much his exact same risk back at university.
My favorite thing was people we're having, like struggling with the university.
You like exams.
A lot of people, just like, Hey, can I come over your place?
The fried potatoes or brownies?
It was.
It was like super simple and really like inexpensive recipe.
It's not like the best technique.
It's balls quite small, but I wanted to save my people for the dry ingredients.
Kind of a workout having my own.
Okay, we're doing three cup of plain Recently, I'm glad actually got footage of it.
I went to this crazy boat trip with some friends.
We went on this okonomiyaki boat.
I can't remember what the boats called, but you go on like this old style boat and florist to Tommy.
And there's all of these tables where you can cook your own okonomiyaki, which is kind of like people say it's a Japanese pancake or Japanese pizza.
But it's like dough mixed with cabbage and meat and and fish, and you pretty much just fry in front of you and make it your own kind of pancake style thing.
We had all you can eat all you can drink for two hours.
It was 5000 yen.
I can leave a link to in the description, but it was so good, it was awesome and we went there for my friends.
But they and it was during the day on a week day, and no one was there.
There was one other couple, but I got really drunk.
To be honest, I've drunk too much because I don't drink very often.
Look at this tiny What is this?
What's in feather like a chair, But they go ourselves I mean, no need half a cup of cocoa.
I'm going to mix the dry ingredients together just lightly.
Nothing too special.
Now I'm gonna mix my wet ingredients with my dry ingredients.
I haven't measured T springs or whatever when it comes to vanilla.
I just put a few drops in.
Okay, I might do half for now.
One thing that I can tell you that having this week is at one point I got my heart broken.
It's okay, though.
It's not like it's There was heartbreak in the world like, I mean, it's such a lot of but But it was more like I'm able to work it out with the person and we are figuring things out and it's okay.
We're okay.
They're wonderful.
They're really proving to me that they understand what's going on on the during their best to fix it.
They're really doing everything that I could want them to do.
And it's really awesome.
The better is ready to go into a kingpin.
God, I want that so bad.
So hungry.
I shouldn't really thing before I leave this.
So this is the cake silicon pan that I have while I do a bit lazy.
I just get a bit of butter and I rip a bit of fear.
The foil off the bottom.
I just use that spread around.
Now I get the exciting part of pouring in about it.
We have a mix in the pen, and I'm gonna take you over to the ovens so you can see how it works.
So you can see the reflection of May never really know howto set that high.
This is Benji, which means microwave this economy, the top it says grill.
And then it says, Alban, she's often It was like, You can't be serious.
There's an oven in here.
I was like, I just gotta try it.
So when I bought this cake thing and it totally works, so I'm gonna put the cake Brighton here.
Have fun.
So I'm gonna press open and then here says 42 great something up it to 1 60 Let me just say no.
Stop the inside their two hot girls at the top and they gradually heat up the space so it works.
Is another amazing.
And now I can bake in here.
I wonder if I should make some, like, actual dinner and eat that before I eat this brownie.
Let's just all right.
I'm just looking at this thing, Whatever it is.
Chicken, Brooklyn.
One thing that I haven't talked about yet.
This is going to language school.
So I actually start language school in July.
There'll be a placement test to determine what level I'm at.
Like what I'm capable of and what cost will be in.
It's probably gonna be loved.
My Japanese is no good.
You never know.
Also have tomato sauce big and chases.
I can't be healthy.
That's just not who I am, Mitt.
Nervous about language school.
Consider how to manage my time.
Obviously, because you guys have to put up with me, give putting out a video every however long.
I just went outside to see if we could see the sunset together, but it's actually signed a storm, which is super cool.
So, uh, I'm just gonna wait for this cake to be don't and eat this.
I'm just gonna check to see how it's doing.
It's fine.
It's done.
Oh, uh, now, But I might have picked it up.
Now it's pretty much good just a little chunk missing.
It's fine.
All right.
I'm gonna let this cool, and then I'll get back to you guys with the presentation E bombs in here.
Try to get good shots with my fine, Let's go to try.
It's so, like, soft and warm on the inside.
It's just when they called little tenderly chewing, which is what I love.
Well, I love both ways.
I don't know, a big one.
Also, the cream I'm meeting is soy whip cream.
So it took three big pieces to show you guys where it looked like I didn't actually go beyond you know, this.
But I don't want to underestimate myself so that I know.
Well, I eat this.
I'm gonna chill out tonight.
I just not gonna work.
I'm just gonna chill.
I was Taylor's house the other day and I find Zelda breath of the wild.
And I loved it so much.
And that got me in the mood to Zelda.
So I'm actually gonna play Zelda.
Uh, Wind, wake up.
My dad just sent it to you, so just chill.
A brownie played would wake up.
Thanks for watching.
If you enjoyed this video, please Give me a thumbs up.
Calm, Ademola.
If you want to see more videos like this, this is like the frequent thing on here.
The frequent took your kitchen jets.
It's like my one theme.
And the rest is like crazy everything else.
I'll see you guys in.


Tokyo Kitchen Chats - Brownies and Updates!

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