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Thistle's a great time to be honored, and it's a great time to be a nerd Who cares?
Way have really big problems.
We talk about health care, problem, education, problem at the environment.
I do think off a eye on cognitive systems as a natural evolution off our curiosity and off our own intelligence.
We have come to the limits off our own intelligence along certain dimensions, and definitely one of the dimensions is the amount off new information that we can digest.
People are not very good at getting that much of data on really digesting it.
I think at a kind of a very high level, people think of intelligence as the ability to predict what's likely to happen in the future on that requires us to understand what's happening currently and what has happened in the past and somehow project that into the future and make plans.
Knowledge, on the other hand, is about taking all of the information that's available over there on dhe, combining it in vase that can somehow be used for making decisions.
In the end, just having knowledge or just having intelligence is not gonna be good enough.
You have to be able to do something that is meaningful to people and to society as a whole.
On Dhe, we need to be able to apply value judgments based upon you know what we care about on how we want to see our world evolved on.
When you put that wisdom off on individual, of course, with knowledge on the insights that a machine could combine, I believe we can actually understand some of the big questions like Why is global warming happening?
You know, how could we make the world's economy improve in some fashion?
So you ask, Are we building all of these A.
I systems?
Because we can.
I think we have to have intelligence systems helping us to solve the big problems of the world, and that is much more sophisticated.
It's much more human.
I think I look at this as just the next step in our evolution as a species.


TED & IBM "Intelligence, Knowledge and the Progression of Wisdom in the Age of Smart Machines"

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