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  • I wanted to find a community where I could connect with like minded people further my learning and just code more so I created my own space.

  • If I had all the facts before I started, I wouldn't have done it.

  • I'm kind of a workaholic.

  • People like what obvious you have.

  • I'm like, this is my hobby.

  • There was always that burning desire that I wanted to do something of my own.

  • And honestly, I had no idea what that would be.

  • But I decided to just take a step carving out your own place in society.

  • That is the most difficult part.

  • I was horrified by the percentage off the population that didn't have access to clean water.

  • I was horrified by the scarcity of power on the passion just rose to do something meaningful for the continent of Africa.

  • It was almost like an obstacle course.

  • I thought I knew what I was doing.

  • As I went along, I discovered I didn't.

  • But I had gone too far to turn back, and it was the greatest life lesson I ever learned to keep on moving.

  • Every person my age really wants to make an impact, right and not everybody knows how to do that.

  • They see problems all around them.

  • They want to solve them.

  • And that's why I feel like being able to code is such a superpower.

  • And I wanted to help other girls too.

  • I want them to feel a sense of belonging.

  • More women.

  • We have Kolding more solutions from women.

  • Exact your half of the publishing?

  • Well, excess.

  • Actually, it just makes absolute sands.

  • What drives you?

  • My father left her family when I was four.

  • It was just my mom and me.

  • And so it was really difficult.

  • But going through a traumatic experience was like a catalyst for what I'm doing today in mental health.

  • To empower other people have become the best version of themselves.

  • I really understand, you know, having a a traumatic experience when you're young, that propels you and remains like a life force within you.

  • During the Nigerian civil war, there was bumming all around and we had to move and we had to run and we had to flee.

  • And then I became a refugee.

  • But I was given an opportunity to survive and thrive on.

  • We were able to get a decent education until the war ended.

  • So that has always driven me to do something.

  • Give back.

  • I'm not going to rest until I see thousands and thousands and thousands of affordable green housing being built.

  • I don't believe the idea that things were going so bad because I see every single day at county people just helping each other.

  • And they take money from their pockets in a country that if the economy is a bit troublesome right now and they give it to help someone else what in your background inspired you just started kick on day.

  • I felt that there were smaller NGOs and there were artists or intra printers that needed a space more suitable for the Brazilian culture and population.

  • Then you have a group of people who are actually citizens off the country, deciding what they want to see fun.

  • And there is a market for everything.

  • As long as you find a niche.

  • And as long as you don't start thinking that I'm gonna be a unicorn, or if I'm gonna solve the problems off the you being an entrepreneur, female entrepreneur, and having this much of an impact on society in Brazil itself, it's something like this 15 year old sitting right in front of you wants to do it and they go General de Lyon very pretty sure that you're gonna come out to the amazing fantastic things.

  • What do you think?

  • It's something that I could improve on or something that you find a great asset.

  • I see a very strong on empathetic and compassionate social entrepreneur.

  • You're very, very curious.

  • You're inquisitive.

  • You ask questions, and I'm excited to take it all in like a sponge.

  • I think you're going to go amazing places.

I wanted to find a community where I could connect with like minded people further my learning and just code more so I created my own space.


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