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greetings and holy nuts.
I've seen a lot of stuff and it goes deep like there's just Stephanie.
Package had to bring it over here into money storage area where my games and stuff for at.
Because there's more room here than there is in my house.
So let's get the opening.
This 1st 1 here is from someone with the last name Garrett.
The other first name was covered up.
Oh, my gravis.
Ultrasound East discs from Ray Garrett.
This is a gravis.
Ultrasound ace.
One point.
Oh, yeah.
I didn't want to do a gravis ultrasound video.
And this is one of the cards that I was hoping to get before I do that.
That's so much smaller than the gust, Max.
I have.
So thank you very much.
We'll hear from Ripley.
Hopefully, there's no Xena morphs.
Greetings again.
I was supposed to send this off a month ago.
Hello from our V a o Interesting disks.
These trek arts are quite fascinating.
Oh my God.
A wood grain fidget spinner.
I've never used one of these.
That's officially happened on my table.
Never thought I'd see the day.
Oh, needs from Tyler are Thank you very much for the letter.
It's my Royal night.
Royal 66 Typewriter.
That's fantastic.
Go back from whence you came.
It's knows my camera wasn't in focus until just now.
So sorry about the first couple openings.
Yeah, this was from Lee Jing.
Something from China.
And, er well, didn't appear.
Survive whatever it was while the case didn't survive, but it appears to be a burger MP three player.
Corrects me a lot on who actually sent this to me.
I would thank you if it goes well with my Burger King headphones.
Got one here from Matthew.
Ah, Red Berry, An ace of the Sky Interactive flight game.
It looks like something that was packed in with, like, some Red Baron pizza or something back in the day.
That is awesome.
Thank you.
No one here from Teemu who, if I'm correct, is a Patriot supporter for quite a long time.
Oh, my Oh, that is a Nokia 9300.
I I don't have anything like this, actually, um, like their business smartphone.
Seriously, they called it a smart phone from 2005.
Dude doesn't seem to turn on, but obviously I might just need a charger or something.
Thank you very much.
This is really cool.
That one here from Neil's in L s.
Ah, you got mail.
Well, thanks.
I'm glad you're enjoying the videos.
Uh, sorry.
I'm just not getting around opening this wood green fidget.
Spinners, focus, spinners, whatever.
They're just the thing nowadays, you know, I'm gonna have a collection of wood green fidget spinners.
I guess that's that's just my fate.
This one is from gaming fancies.
What is all this?
We got a loose copy of school Tycoon Candy Land Adventure.
I remember seeing this in stores.
Actually, no.
I remember seeing this in the public library.
A Star Trek next generation of final unity.
So thank you very much.
Got a legal one here from David Crawshaw.
It was actually in touch with them after he sent this.
Apparently, he was offering a next station color with stuff in that ended up going to rob of obsolete geek on YouTube, which I'm fine with that spy.
Probably more his thing anyway.
But he sent this instead.
Conway's game of life on a DVD are so this is a short film, 16 millimeter digitized film.
I put on YouTube.
It sounds weird is based on Conway's game of life.
I don't really know what to expect at all there, but that's cool business software sampler and, uh, let's see.
What is this?
Well, thank you very much, David.
These air interesting things.
I don't know what to expect from that video, but I'll give it a look at this one here from Andrew that unfortunately, didn't survive the trip.
Well, Beavis and Butthead Virtual stupidity did because that's a pretty substantial blocks.
Alice is the box I've been wanting for a very long time.
It wasn't the greatest condition anyway, so it's not a huge loss, I guess.
Microsoft plus companion for Windows 95.
I can at least fix these up as far as getting them flattened.
I mean these air free.
I'm not gonna complain.
Thank you.
Have to start going faster.
There are so many more boxes over there.
This one is from Jason.
That is really taped up.
This is so much stuff.
Apparently the mother lode of demo discs already see a bunch.
I don't have Yeah, I fear that tuck tape.
All right.
That stuff was intense.
There's a lot of things in here.
I'm not gonna go through them all.
But like loose games and, uh, tonic trouble.
And, yeah, I've got so much stuff here, so my apologies.
If it sounds like I'm going quickly, it's because I am.
There's so much stuff to get through.
Package here from Brian asked me a cute cat a while ago packing peanuts low, low, low P B A.
Bowling for Windows 95 is actually a Bethesda game.
Bethesda Softworks.
Yes, that one made bowling games launch something.
It's like a computerized music video.
Kind of QuickTime software.
Oh, there's, Ah, demos.
That's cool.
This one's from Been in Australia.
I don't know about you, but I've never been in Australia.
Nice packing job.
Short message from bin There.
Thank you very much.
This is so much links stuff.
Goodness, Look at all of these Ad on Pax.
That's super cool.
And then there's like 3 86 CD here.
Another course Cricket 2000.
I have never played any of the e sports cricket games.
Ah, been really curious.
Obviously not.
I don't think sold in the U.
Oh, way.
Things work.
Two point.
Oh, very cool.
Did not have his inbox.
Fantastic package.
Thank you Then.
No one here from Randy do grid paper is know for sure if these cards work.
But if no reason to believe that they don't.
That's OK.
We got a diamond three Dfx voodoo card here, and, uh, another one.
So nice little sl I set right there and looks like we also have on Appian Graphics duet A GP.
It's an s3 chipset card.
Thank you very much.
Going here from any s forever.
Thanks for my order.
I didn't order anything gobbled too non violent game play.
That looks like my kind of weirdness.
Thank you very much to whoever drop ship this my way from an Amazon cellar.
It looks like here's a really heavy went from actual men molding and casting and assuming they use their company shipping service Feels like a laptop or something is a wonderful IBM ThinkPad.
I mean this thing.
Wow, apologies.
I don't know who it's from this very instant, but I will put that right down there at the bottom of the screen.
Thank you very much.
What a cool laptop one here from Nicole thing is pleasant, recycled looking paper here.
By handwriting.
Dude, I'm impressed.
Texas Instruments T I 2500 Electronic calculator.
Look at that.
I mean, the fact that it's a packaging, it's got the original documentation even has a letter from John Brewer Jr.
The vice president of T I early seventies calculators.
Just brilliant.
Thank you so much that packaging, handwriting.
Oh my goodness, that one here from Vinnie Masses needs Microsoft Cordless wheel mouse on early Microsoft Wireless Mouse for our Windows NT and 98 made in 1999.
Pretty darn good condition, too.
Thank you.
Don't hear from Chris readings.
Here's a Nintendo PC flight stick we discussed.
Holy crap.
Yes, we did discuss that.
Just like the worst of both worlds.
Packing peanuts, but not quite.
And then it's like the worst peanuts.
Nobody likes to eat.
That's a nice touch, man.
This this is wild.
I am Italy Don't know much about this, but this is indeed a Nintendo controller for PC computers only has a little bit redundant ATM machine that is the widest rear end before a joystick.
What were you thinking?
Thanks for sending this going here from Veronica.
Hey, is a sealed copy of the day the world broke.
Is much better condition than the one I have on the minds.
Not sealed is kind of beat up on to sell copies while thrifty.
Very cool.
Weird little VD and after.
That's not the weirdest thing.
It's like a Macintosh adaptor.
I use those when I need them.
Thank you very much.
We'll hear from Joe.
Here, Riggio have ah, Occid Magnum for the Mac Classic Ted Supercool Chinese Windows Game's Japanese peace and 98 Games in a Y.
Two K bug.
The fu merchandising for White UK was out of control.
Hey, so cute.
Oughta Cool box.
I have only seen a couple of pictures of this.
Look at this packaging.
Oh, I don't know what that is.
That box art is fantastic.
It's a DVD rahm game, too.
So it's a little newer along with the rest of these.
I just like this stuff, man.
What's in here is the disks.
It's just like packed in a corner.
That's wild, man.
I don't actually have a PC.
That'll run any of these, but hopefully that'll change someday.
have one here.
From the Netherlands to algae are with love from Sander wit.
A cool name.
Free bonus.
The white label collection with all my personal favorite games.
Woo, what pick?
I have seen white label releases before.
In fact, I think I have one for something.
Rally in a screamer rally.
I think it's like cigar rally Championship, But never seen this package before.
You drop by for home root beer?
Netherlands Home brew Beer.
I wish there was the beer in here.
Yes, yes, yes.
Micro Machines V three for the PC in the box.
Oh, that is Newt.
Not in English, but it doesn't matter.
I have a loose copy of this in English that I got from the UK years ago.
But the box has proved elusive.
Thank you very much.
I would hear from Bill s.
Look at these things.
This is gonna be a nice box of goodies.
Wow, man, just Wow.
There is cards and things included in here named PAL.
A computer address book that fits in your pocket.
Oh, I recognize this immediately.
53 hours of a well had this disc back in the day and this little booklet I looked through.
This is one of the main things.
I was wanting to check out the Turtle Beach sound card to Santa Cruz.
I remember seeing these in various stores being demonstrated in the late nineties.
They were really cool.
Thank you very much for all this.
No one here from Eric.
Oh, yes.
This is a sand Club edition of Tony Hawks.
Prosecutor three.
Is this here?
Dragon point, Speak.
Just come with the Comes with a microphone alone in the dark.
The new nightmare in the big box.
If it actually comes to that flashlight, well, has the box for the flashlight, but not the flashlight.
However, this looks pretty generic.
So maybe I'll be able to find, like, the flashlight to replace it.
F 22 d i d air down its fighter.
Yes, indeed.
And alone in the dark, too.
Seedy Ron version.
I did not have this at all.
Also had no clue that came with the loan and dark one.
That's awesome.
Now I just need a little in the dark.
This one.
Here's from Tim.
What's up this side?
Apparently, this is the favorite show.
You know, I'm glad he's review the attached warning I found recently in a box of C 64 floppies.
Never let anything mechanical know you were in a hurry.
That is quite the warning.
Somebody was, like, really burned when they made that, uh, calculators.
So we have here a, uh, wonderful tea.
I 55 needs a little bit of TLC, but looking nice has the case in the manual, And here is a T I 30.
Oh, wonderful example.
Again, case and manual.
That just makes me very calculating case or manual with this one.
But this is just a really neat little calculator.
Anyway, I like the way this has that sort of very flat brushed look all the way across.
Oh, yeah, D I 10 25 sort of beat up, but here is a shell on three D space flight simulator.
Commodore 64 in 1 28 version.
I think I just have the PC one Access software's lipstick.
Yeah, that's absolutely odd.
Where voice activated control headset at edge software.
Uh, yeah.
Manny will strike Commander.
Hey, I've got some loose games and hear various ones.
That's really cool.
July 1990 to compute magazine.
Oh, whoa.
That ad for Dagger of Amun Ra Fox Sports Golf 99.
Well, thank you.
These are awesome.
I don't hear from I believe it's John from France.
This is wood grain paper.
Uh huh.
Oh, man.
And I also did Ah, the way things work.
French and US versions in Java script.
Dang, that's on the box.
Did not know it was in French, but then again, I've never checked.
Oh, what is this?
Come get some.
I mean, it just it says form Gen three d Rome's entertainment.
I'm assuming.
Guess Duke Nukem three D of some version.
Thanks a lot.
Here's one I've been curious about for a while since it showed up a few weeks ago.
This is Ah, something from adult swim.
Welcome, adventure to our king's way operating system.
I have heard of this and there is a steam code which is already gonna be used by the time you see this video.
So I don't care if you see it is a foam sword.
That's a thing.
I'm really curious to try this game out.
Not sure if I'll do a review necessarily, but thank you.
It also in for the game.
And, uh, this sword smells like marching dies.
This one here comes from Eric.
Just excited.
Started opening it without reading the name.
Public domain master discs.
That's a lot of them, too.
Well, that's gonna be quite the imaging process.
I hope they're in good shape.
Thank you very much.
I'm quite curious.
Another one here from an Erica.
It's another Eric.
We'll call this one Washington Eric.
Oh, you're from spoke, Ain spoke Spokane.
I always wondered how to pronounce that.
That's rad.
I have, ah, very similar one to this, but this one looks a little bit different.
Thank you very much.
I've always liked that box art.
Cordless Super Mouse.
I'll say, Look at the friggin size of this box.
Thing is like £4.
You really need a mouse guide that big?
It's 600 pages, just the one guide.
This kind of stuff is what makes read your computer collecting pretty amazing sometimes.
Oh, yes.
Nice is a beautiful copy of King's Quest five.
Here it's got the sparkly cover like glitter and stuff in There and the nicer artwork.
There's a really stupid version of this box, which I have, and this is in way better condition anyway.
It's like an M bossed manual with all the cool things going on.
One of anybody still has that shirt.
If you do, please send it to me.
Hard drive, mounting kit.
Still sealed by reveal.
I know them mainly for their sound cards, and that's just need that.
It's like still sealed.
Thank you very much.
Another one here from the first Eric from Arizona.
Oh, retail archaeology.
I know you have some interesting videos for sure.
Check him out, too.
Does as cool things with good wills and whatnot.
So if you like Thrifty probably find something to watch.
There was copy of Microsoft Office, but a man Anarchy online.
Beta three.
That's interesting.
Limited Edition CD ROM's entertainment utility Collector's Edition, apparently copy of Star Trek.
Cling on the F.
M V game I have never played this always wanted to odyssey into the mind's eye.
The computer animation journey continues well, that I don't know what to expect.
Looks delightfully mid nineties last but not least, here we have on a well disc looks like it wasn't even shipped out to anyone.
There's no label.
It was never opened.
Dang, that's pristine.
One here from Kris with a k a r.
Here's the cowl for the 13.
50 b.
Thank you.
Eso this little gal chip should let me use Game Blaster at on Cynthy things for certain soundblaster cars.
The early ones.
Never seen this before.
Holiday lemmings and this little box of reviewed it, but, uh, I have never seen that packaging.
What is all this stuff for?
Julie's guard 1994 Hercules V L B.
Card of some kind Sing labs Chip on there.
That's there's a lot of cards, man.
And check out his diamond video card with the daughter board on there.
Is that for, like in Peg may be entirely share.
Uh, is a lot of cool stuff, man.
Thank you.
Okay, Now we're getting to the really big stuff, starting with this one from Dennis.
Okay, so first off, this is from the dentist that I bought the you sealed IBM 80 from a while back.
He no longer selling them.
I guess he's not with the company, but he sent me some other stuff, including these wonderful things.
Check this out catalogs and just like magazine clippings.
He has a pretty great It was like a PS two sellers.
Like little resource thing.
Here, check this out.
Installing the options in your personal computer.
Oh, yes.
To model 55 s, ex model 90 x P.
Quick reference.
Perfect for mine.
Hands on.
Basic for the PC Junior.
Now, that is a delightful book.
PS two, ex G adapter A.
This is an M.
A card.
Very, very cool tohave.
Although now I got to try and track down the ex g a display for it There.
Good luck from the documentation for a memory expansion board.
See here, PS two system library.
Got that key lock replacement?
That's wonderful.
Original IBM PC documentation.
It looks like somebody had a six pack plus installed in.
There's pretty popular at on now the, uh, exploring the IBM PC disk right there digging that inventory checklist on the back.
Riggio is the guy to operations to the PC.
All these disks.
I don't know what deify is, but here's another exploring the PC.
Uh, Ms DOS 3.3.
Very handy.
The diagnostics discs are incredibly handy for the IBM PC.
It didn't have any of those.
And then there's this IBM ThinkPad expansion cartridge.
Yeah, there's pretty much the idea of how it works looks pretty involved.
And this thing is intense.
In case you're wondering.
No, it won't work with that IBM ThinkPad that I just got.
You can see the connector and back is quite different.
So maybe I'll track down the ThinkPad for this expansion cartridge.
Uh, it's ridiculously awesome.
Thank you very much, Dennis.
Another one from Chris and Garcia who, uh, sent me a son computer that didn't quite survive shipping last time.
But this one looks to have held out much better.
Man, I got it.
I can get the whole thing in the frame.
That is a ridiculous Gateway 2000 Desktop.
The p 5166 It even has a little bass that it sits on.
I love these computers.
There's what looks really nice.
Been planning a Gateway 2000 desktop video for a while.
I've got one or two of these kinds of towers all this room like a server.
Thank you so much.
It another one from Chris.
It was about the biggest one that I have today.
Just about.
Well, unfortunately, it looks like it was pretty beat up on damages.
A crack here.
Big dent there.
Well, there's all that, but he actually doesn't look like he was hurt.
Too bad, but we'll see once we get inside.
It came with this.
Looks like V G a T o B and C connector thing?
Not really sure what?
That's four, because it actually has the 13 to be three connector connected to the monitor.
But again, like that pretty beat up that could be been back in the shape.
I'm just not sure about the internals we will see is the g m 17 e 10.
This would be a great display.
Hopefully, it still works either way.
Thank you, Chris.
If anything for that gateway.
Because that held up well, okay, were to the last three boxes, and they're all from Jonathan.
Anyone have any guesses as to what this is?
Because I bet you won't guess what it is.
What it is is rusty.
But honestly, it's so uncommon that I was happy to take it in just on the off chance that I could use it for parts because this is a personal computer X t to 86 these are not the most common machines.
This is my 2nd 1 I do have another one.
It is also not working and needs some work.
But I'm hoping that by combining the two, I'll be able to get him put together and do a video on it.
At some point, I'll think considered It looks all right.
There's a lot of rest in the back, so I'm assuming maybe some components might have got damaged, but this is the next one that came along side of it that you won't guess what this one is either.
This'll is a Princeton graphics system max 12 which is essentially a clone of the IBM PC, 51 51.
But I believe this has an Amber Foster in their stead of Green also doesn't have a built in cord like the 51 51 or even the 51 5 x Siri's of monitors.
Do you got that little nine pin right there?
I have to find one of those cables.
Actually, don't have a 19 video cable on his own July 1986 and the final item of the day.
This is a leading edge, V g.
A monitor.
Looks like a nice little, maybe 13 inch, 12 inch model or something, which is perfect.
I've been wanting a monitor that looks just like this from this era, this size and everything to work with a few of my 2 86 and 3 to 6 machines.
Because I like showing them off with era appropriate displays.
This one no looks great.
And leading edge was quite the brand back in their day September 1992 CMC 14.
14 b A.
And this is the letter that came with it that I just now found.
So thank you very much.
Jonathan, a k a.
Very axes on YouTube.
Uh, yeah.
This is This is wonderful.
Thanks so much to everyone who has sent me all these things.
You know, I don't normally show the aftermath of these videos, but it's typically an absolute disaster area afterward.
But that's okay.
It'll take about an hour to clean up, and it'll be all good.
Thank you so much.
Once again for everything you've sent.
This is just the most incredible bunch of stuff all arriving within about a month time.
It's literally overwhelming.
It's a good thing, but at the same time I may have to start declining some offers because I've already got quite a big coming.
So please don't be to offend it if I have to turn you down for a donation.
But still, the support is hugely appreciated and is always thank you very much for watching.
We'll see you in the next L.
G R.


LGR - Opening Stuff You Sent Me! August 2017

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