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So you guys know on this channel I love to talk about versatile items for your wardrobe and how to make a more timeless style, something that you won't regret even a year from now.
One of the main questions that I get out of that is Okay, so what piece should I get like right now?
Like, what is the one thing on Bethany's wish list that she would absolutely need for the upcoming season and where I live now?
It's approaching winter, and I live in more of a mild climate, By the way.
I know winter and cold weather is so different for everybody.
But I do have plenty of experience in having winters that air like negative 20 negative 30 degrees.
But today I have nine pieces that I believe are incredibly timeless, ones that you should always have in your wardrobe versions of them.
You can either find this as inspiration if you want to do your own shopping or pick from the pieces here, and I'll have everything linked down in the description below.
So getting started with codes, I really like the idea of having a wool trench coat.
I like it because it's more menswear inspired.
You can dress it up or down.
You can parent with, like blouses, skirts, sweaters, hoodies.
There's so many different ways that you can wear it.
Actually, I can link you guys to my Pinterest page.
90% of the photos on my Pinterest page are all in trenches like this, so I loved the idea of how versatile something like this is, and if you get the right cut in color, it could be something incredibly timeless.
I also like the idea that you can just sit down on a park bench and your bomb isn't gonna be cold from it.
It's just gonna keep you cozy, and you can also layer so effortlessly with it, which I'll get to in a second.
Next is the perfect leather jacket.
Whenever I think of leather jackets, I'm looking for classic colors, and that will go a long way in it being timeless.
But that's not to say that it's boring.
I today I'm really excited to show you guys this one.
It's an acne biker jacket.
I love the idea of having all of these islets and hooks, and obviously the standard biker jacket looks like this words got the silver hardware and the belt around it, and the nice thing about biker jackets is it's a little bit more cropped up, so that really works well with my proportions and the types of pants I like to wear.
But obviously you can dress the upper down the way.
That acne dressed up this jacket was with beautiful skirts and heels, which is just a beautiful contrast.
But I like the idea of a leather jacket because they're so timeless.
I cannot think of a time when leather jackets have been out of style since Madonna first wore them in the 19 eighties with her Papa Don't Preach Song.
So it was just really cool.
To be able to have a high end piece to this one is from far fetch.
They let me have a credit to be able to use on their account, which I could pick out anything, and I was just on the hunt for a thicker biker jacket.
So this was so perfect.
If you guys want I've got a promo code that's exclusive here, so check that out in the description below, we'll have it here on the screen to for you guys, but definitely a leather jacket is a timeless winter peace, and it can be warm with so many things.
I think one of the best things about a leather jacket is that it's just incredibly thick, like it's not going to have win penetrating or anything like that.
It's just gonna keep you nice and cozy.
Next is a clean, classic hoody.
So again, you guys know I love having cropped shirts and jackets and everything.
So having a cropped Hoody is a really great option, one reason being that I don't have to worry about talking it into my pants.
It's just gonna naturally have that elastic like right there where I want it.
But then also, I am looking for a hoody that has sort of a looser hood on it.
I don't want anything that's really tight.
I think that the hoodies that are honestly more retro have tighter hoods, and it's just a little bit too constricting for me.
So having something with a big hood means I can wear it when I'm traveling and I want to be comfortable.
But then also I can wear it underneath beautiful menswear inspired coats and also the leather jacket.
I can wear things underneath it, so I stay incredibly warm.
This one is from ever Lane.
I just like that.
It's a classic, clean black.
There's not anything going on.
It's even more minimal because it doesn't have the pocket in the front.
And I think that's even different from when I look back at my style.
When I was like 18 I'd wear like hot pink sweat shirts like this, and it would have like writing all over it and distressing, which is not timeless at all.
And so this is more of a timeless option for a hoody.
There's something I could wear forever, as long as I can keep the color bright and you're moving into sweaters.
I think that it's important to always have a cozy sweater for when it's cold out and one that you could just love and take care of, but also something that will never go out of style so you can pop it out of your wardrobe for the next season, and you're like, Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to wear this again.
So that's really what I have in mind.
This one is an ever lane, round rib cashmere crew.
I believe it's called and why I like it is It's not so much the color, but it's more the texture right, so you can play with textures very well with minimal items.
That's what I really love about this one.
When you see underneath coats and jackets, it's going to be a statement piece.
You can tuck it into your jeans, maybe add a belt even, and it's gonna look so lovely and you'll feel so cozy.
So if you want something a little bit more affordable than cashmere, I I mean, obviously, if you guys have been watching this channel for a while, you'll know that this is no surprise.
I love my alpaca sweaters so much, they're just baby soft.
They feel like clouds.
I know that if you have a really sensitive skin that it doesn't matter how soft something is.
It could still be achieved.
But I feel like I have sensitive skin, and this is not itchy on me at all.
It's probably the least irritating sweater out there.
What I love about it is that it's just as high and looking as the cashmere.
When I showed but this one is that more affordable price.
Also something surprising about it is that I've had some of these for a year, and I still cannot get them to pill, which is absolutely unheard of.
Four sweaters like this.
I think that 90% of the time that it's winter.
I am wearing these blue jeans because I want something that's a thicker blue Jean like I want something that's much heavier weight then say, like a summer jean.
I honestly were these all year long.
This is the ever lane, high rise CI gene.
I think that they're cheeky.
Genes are the most flattering on me, out of all of them from ever lane.
One of the main reasons why is when I'm looking for a good pair of jeans.
I don't want any whispering right here.
Like maybe if I didn't have many curves, I'd want just a little bit of accentuation there.
But because I already have curves, I don't want any horizontal lines right here, which is usually what whispering looks like.
I like that it's a clean version as well.
So when I'm thinking about timeless style, something that will be in style for atleast the next decade.
This is what I want.
If it were up to me, high rise jeans will always be in style.
I think that they are the most universally flattering, if not a mid rise.
I really hope that low rise jeans just don't come back in style, but I think that when coming to styles of genes, this is the most iconic classic version.
This is actually the nineties version 90 shiki gene, but I don't think that it will go out of style lit up.
Next, I have to have a turtleneck toe layer with when thinking about layers.
I like to go for more layers and thin.
I've got a whole video on that, by the way, where I can show you living examples on the difference of having fewer thicker layers vs more thin layers, and I think that it's really compelling, so definitely check that out.
But I love the idea of being able to wear thermals underneath something like this that won't show through because of the color.
Also, having a black turtleneck is not only timeless, but it's going to stand the test of time more compared to like a white one that will easily get dingy.
Also, you can layer with this underneath shirts, so an example that you wear this under is either a sweater or you could even play with the idea of layering underneath something like this.
So this is my next piece.
I think that having a black and white striped shirt is absolutely incredible.
A lot of times with shirts like this, it's alternating between navy and white.
But having the black is something that is more versatile because it's just naturally easier two pair black than, say, a navy.
Also, I think that it's cool to be able to have something that isn't extremely form fitting because if I'm thinking about keeping it for several years, you know, bodies change.
And I think that it's important to always have something that's universally flattering.
So this is a boat neck, absolutely such a flattering neckline.
I also like the sleeves are a little bit looser than normally you'd have a shirt that's more tapered.
Shirts like this have always been in style, and by the way, this one is from ST James.
I could definitely see Audrey Hepburn wearing something like this.
I don't think that is ever going to be out of style.
Four shoes.
I have to say the Chelsea's are my all time favorite and most versatile that I could wear with anything in winter, usually in wintertime.
I am looking for a boot like an ankle boot.
I think that they just are the most comfortable there warm unless it's like, absolutely freezing and you have to wear something warmer than this.
This is what I love to do.
I like to wear it with leggings like thick leggings and also socks if it's really cold outside.
So I have two versions.
You guys have seen this in a recent video I can link you guys to from our information.
But essentially, the Chelsey boot has been around since the 18 hundreds and the Chelsea, but was also named out of a place in England where these were really commonly worn by even all of the Beatles.
For a while, they were known as the Beetle shoe.
I just think that they are.
They have a little bit of that edge that I was talking about with the jacket.
These two options are different.
This black one is a weather resistant option.
So it's good for drizzly days or if it's a little bit, you know, wet outside, even, maybe in a little bit of snow.
If it's not too.
I see it's not got a ton of grip on the bottom, but I have warned them in the snow.
And then this one is more for dry days where I'm not going to be experiencing anything damaging to the bottoms of the shoot.
So, yeah, I'll link you guys to thes and finally, the classic Beanie.
So I love to collect.
Beanie is I think, that they are really cute.
I think they completely change a style, and I have seen them weren't for as long as I can remember.
They're just so versatile.
And if you get a timeless color than all it really needs, is a little bit of TLC in between the seasons and that's a wrap for my versatile, timeless winter pieces.
I think that it is important to add any sort of things that you might need as far as mittens, gloves, scarves, so don't forget about those.
But I do feel like everything shown here today, our investment worthy, and don't forget about that link in the description where you can find the promo code So far, Fetch.
And thank you so much for making my leather jacket dreams come true.
Farfetch means so much to me.
And I will see you guys next time.
Let go!
It's not your song to signal more Good bye, Blaine.
Weight scale lift you are You could find a way to drop.


9 Winter Staples That FOREVER Will Be In Style - Investment-worthy

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