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live singing.
Yeah, Howie.
Hey, what's going on?
Everybody for first we feast.
I'm Sean Evans and you're watching Hot Ones hits the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.
And in the lead up to Super Bowl 52 this weekend, I'm joined by Von Miller.
He's a six time Pro Bowl linebacker for the Denver Broncos, a Super Bowl champion and a big game M v p.
But how we fare in the hot sauce Terror dome.
Find out today, von welcome to the show.
Happy to be here.
How are you with hot food?
I like how far we come from.
Nothing takes us dollars.
Takes us so you know pretty for me.
You ready?
Get going.
The memory.
But so this 1st 1 should be a free throw for you.
So it's not every day that we have a really actual chicken farmer on hot.
Once I want to start by taking it back to DeSoto, Texas, where you keep your 60 plus chickens was poultry.
Science is always your calling or just a way to pass while you racked up wins for the Aggies taking the easy class in college, That's Tom build up because they may not like.
This is a $1,000,000,000 industry.
Like raising chickens.
I guess it was destined for Do you ever have any problems like predators?
Anything like that?
You know, we had a big owl problem.
Al Goddess for light timbers way got, like, a net over the top.
Just coming straight through the net, straight through the net every time we go out.
One morning and behold.
We have fixed that whole two days.
Let it be another whole three days.
After that, it's five or $6 of tops.
Just the average life.
Forget it.
I got it.
They just run it.
But yes, it has been good up.
Besides that, Do you still dream of having a chicken TV show where you have celebrities do voices for the chickens?
And if so, who are the actors at the top of your list?
How do you know about the chicken cartoon?
Remember how they the pig was?
I had, like, you know, the peak is talking and you got the ducks and stuff.
I would like to have the same concept just around a rooster.
And this is Louisa, huh?
So a super Bowl 52 on NBC just around the corner.
I think it's a good time to take it back to that fateful day two years ago where you racked up your own Super Bowl win and an M V P to boot.
Who's the first person that you called after the wind?
I didn't call anybody.
My phone went crazy.
I still have messages on my phone, and I haven't read it from soon.
About two years ago, my mom, she was already there.
My dad was there.
My brother was there.
I'm really talking to anybody for like, for like, two days.
What, if anything, Do you remember about celebrating this little Wayne?
Already information that area?
Don't worry.
Little one was hosting a party.
Wants it was like kissing by the club.
It was fun, though.
Do you think that you killed the dab?
You know, a couple guys bring it back.
You know, it was just big at that moment.
And you know, when you see guys like that, I've been doing all this stuff you just naturally, like man only see that no more.
Especially where camp he dives after every single player.
He had been killing everybody off season, so I guess it was a little motivation first, you know, stop that.
That a gay good?
I'm good.
You know that You've described yourself is the ultimate geek.
And he spent a lot of time going down Internet rabbit holes and watching science documentaries.
Do you think that time travel is possible?
I think it is.
You can speed up, Tom.
My cancer.
Slowly now, your child at the speed of light for almost a year.
Out of space.
When you come back, that earth would have aged 10 years.
While you're just aged.
When you I mean these questions the way bigger way over my head.
But I'm sure it's possible.
If you can speed it up.
Why can't you reverse it slowed down?
Do you think that in our lifetime will see a human colony on Mars?
Mostly about 2020 right?
But, I mean, I believe him.
If you could take one extinct animal, bring them back and make him an NFL mascots.
Which one would you choose?
And why has Eagle H A s s off?
One of the biggest merge to ever roamed the Earth legend that used to snatch humans in New Zealand.
You know that he was going to the Super Books, wouldn't have the half eagle 30 times bigger than them.
And then is there any part of you that fears that advancements and artificial intelligence may lead to some sort of post apocalyptic world where the human race is just for the human race is just ruled by cyborgs and robots like The Matrix?
Yeah, I mean, it's possible.
I mean, Sophie, I mean, that's crazy somewhere stuff.
You know it and some of the jobs that they have automated stuff every single year seems to be new advancements.
When it comes to it.
I think it's I mean, it's scary to think about, but I mean, it's definitely possible.
Big wing student Turkey Leaked, arguing Thrill At first the feast.
We care way too much about what our guests eat, and I know lots changed for you.
Since you're reading Chick fil A daily, why do you tell young players that a personal chef is a better investment than jewelry and nice cars?
I just try to give information.
I just tried to suggest things that I wish I would have No.
When I was Rick, I wish I would have had a chef that cooked for me breakfast lesson doing during the season and the off season because that's how you get in here.
That's how you play 15 16 years, staying healthy and right.
We gotta find out what time breaking, Get some rest.
And then, too, because you know the personal chef for the celebrity Chef Wave.
It's really built over the last couple of years, and some of these guys even have their own certain notoriety.
If you think about Rick Ross's shaft for Floyd Mayweather, Chef, have you ever had somebody's personal chef make you a dish that made you just want to poach there?
I'm just a lawyer.
God, man, if I go with somebody house and they have a great ship, the food was great, and I go back to my chef and tell him what they had and how they did it.
So I'm just I'm just lawyer God, man, the guys that I gotta memorize, go stripper.
That's five.
Just good advance.
We every crane segment on our show called Explain that, Graham.
We do a deep dive in our guests instagram pull interesting pictures that need more context.
I'll just show you the picture.
Then you tell me the bigger story Does that sound good?
Laptop, please.
Was a Sony F s seven right there, too.
Three foe, You're into the equipment here.
When it comes to like, Instagram, you can use that platform.
We could use that platform in all type of ways that I like to use money and create, like, little commercials and stuff.
It's free and I can always, you know, support myself.
Yeah, this all right?
First things first.
I said, I love a week after we have won the Super Bowl.
You heard about Kanye West Saturday night?
Live off.
All right, there's a whole thing about that.
Was that that was that day.
Did you catch any shrapnel?
Eye catching?
But the backstage assistant she called when I first went there about three hours before the show started.
Her hair was like nice and makeup was nice.
She bringing stuff in on a chair for she was doing stuff for all the guys backstage about any tonight.
Her hair was like messed up.
You know, she had me sweating that was going on like you don't even want to know.
It's crazy back here on the not didn't you get your 7 50 signed by Canyon that night?
And that's like a weird story, right?
Actually, that's a weird story, too.
I got candiate.
I wouldn't have asked for autographs or take pictures or anything like that, but, you know, Kanye saying I love and I had extra pretty easy to.
I had to.
I had the shoe in my hand.
But I'm I'm rushing.
I really don't even think about getting a Sharpie, you know?
And I hate when people bring me stuff design, and I'm not ready.
I hate when people ask what pictures they're like.
Yes, and I appreciate it.
Okay, let me get my picture.
And I get it, I hope.
Hold on, hold on, hold on, then.
They like taking it.
You could see him, like, you know, shaking over there.
You can see I'm shaking and take the picture on.
That was blurry.
And that's the same.
That's the exact same thing that I did.
You know that kind?
I found him.
He didn't really want to do it like a King Simon.
Easy putting hand out And I gave the shoe and I was like, Do you have sharp be late every light, man.
You know, cameras right hand, like they can't like.
Do you have a sharp?
You gotta You gotta laugh yourself.
But I was like, Man, I tribune right now, So I'd like to run and get a sharp pain out here that we ran back and he liked Sunday before it was cool.
I wish I would eat that Denver Nuggets.
I'm always there.
That's my guy.
When you kind of caught me off guard on this morning sitting, you know, in advance Regular, You know, a day at the Pepsi Center.
First of all, mascots.
Aren't you supposed to talk?
And he came to me on the sidelines.
Come shoot.
The shot was going.
I don't know what's gonna shoot shot today Any, like, come shoot the shot.
Half court.
I got rid of shooting shot half court, you know, Turn around.
What a showman.
Rocky, I didn't hit it.
No, but I got close.
I got close.
This is the famous strip sack.
Use your say.
Do you have a favorite?
The 1st 1 of the 2nd 1 My favorite play actually is went on the sideline.
Cam here tried to.
He tried to run me over like the last minute, and we kind of like, stall it out.
I think it was That was probably like in the second quarter as well, so it was right at the beginning.
The game.
Whenever you're going, just elite quarterbacks, it's no coming time.
We're going to try somebody on the defense because I've seen Camp run over truck, 50 million guys and I was not for any coverage and I had turned around and I saw him last minute here like a 10 yard head start.
So to get that style out was big for me.
That was the biggest play the game.
He's got a dog with Shays and a backpack, huh?
Suffered you talk in the past about how you had a hard time fitting into the Broncos locker room when you first got there.
It's obviously changed a lot since what's your best piece of advice to rookies on howto win over veterans?
Oh, Rick expansion?
Every guy that makes it to the National Football League has meant a man at some point to win over of It's gonna play good.
You could be the weirdest Ricky ever ball out.
You make place right away and everything, I guess.
A fun along.
What's the most clever rookie prank that you've ever seen in Minnesota?
Actually, they have boxes of Bruce next field, one of Ricky's Range.
Overweight fruits.
Next, I thought I thought it was clear with me.
I really don't like playing pranks on the Ricky's.
You know, I'm trying to turn over your trust and then not prank you.
It's just not, you know, it's not the easiest way to make friends in a lot.
You know that you have the Super Bowl 50 logo tattooed on you.
I know that you have ship tattooed on your shoulder.
Do not many tattoos.
You have you lost.
Count at this point my hands on my neck in my face, that my mom said that I was no places that you can't get ahead, but everything goes pretty much.
What's the last one you got?
Really bounced around.
A lot of tattoos hurt.
Hurts started Ted, too.
Finish it like a couple of most later.
What's the story behind the rooster tattoo?
You have a rooster tattoo, right?
Yeah, it's a It's a cock blow money when it comes with a lot of bits.
And then you once tweeted about a tattoo.
It's a watermelon slice, a chicken leg, a dollar sign and a hater.
What does that mean?
What was that?
Oh, man, I was just a loan night tattoo shop four o'clock in the morning.
Come around.
The tattoo stops the low.
But you just started getting stuff, but I just really like the Pac Man fame.
It's got, like, a piece of water Miller chicken.
And, like, the ghost is like a hater.
So just something I just Yeah.
So you're eating?
It's like it's like like the Pac Man just come across.
They got the flu right there.
Well, late nine tattoo shop.
You know, some guys got meanings, and they could, you know, nine tattoo.
Just the lifestyle.
Have you handled cuts in your mouth hurt?
Make sure you wash your hands and use them to touch your eyes.
And it was over.
A lot of things you gotta watch out of touch in Africa.
I've been there.
So during the 2017 offseason, you took a trip to Europe, where, as I understand it, we had a couple dozen stops and Drake's Boy Meets World Tour.
But Drake Song brings off hardest Live to you.
They're trying to get my tongue better, but not enough to views.
Turn it up.
Turn it six of side now and it's a nine Now here when you hear like love, you know the blue lights time stuff is crazy.
And then I understand that you're joined on the euro trip with Odell Beckham Jr.
What's his best quality is a travel partner.
And what's his most annoying habit?
A lot of pranks.
A lot of jokes, I guess you get you know, you get tired of it after a while.
Oh, he genuinely has unique outlook on life.
Same night I get an invite to Drake's grad off our bonds club 58.
Where do I go on Why you gonna drink?
Look, Calabash is Adelaide.
Basement is in Denver.
You know it's in Denver.
I mean, the hours is open 24 hours, but if you get the imitation of Dr Gatto, you do that live singing Howie?
This song will blow you away with bullets, huh?
I don't know how you can enjoy that.
This crazy.
So sports style has become a genre all its own.
And in recent years, the eyeglasses really exploded in the zeitgeist.
I know that you need yours.
But a lot of these guys now our bus, not the glasses, whether they have a prescription or not.
So what I want to do is show you some of the looks that have bubbled up over the last couple of years.
I know that you're all about the positivity.
I don't expect you to play fashion police.
But I'm curious, You know, looks that you like the ones that you maybe leave to your friends, and then maybe we can crown a king.
Does that sound good?
All right.
Laptop, please.
First things first muscle Westbrook.
What's the restoration king?
Breaking down all type of barriers with the when it comes to being an athlete?
Fashion wrestling like a dress shirt with sleeves cut off me.
I wouldn't wear it, but Russell make you look incredible.
Wait for us to make it look incredible up next.
Tom Brady.
I mean, what can you say?
Those glasses I won't mean.
What negative can you say about Tom Brady?
If you wanna wear glasses, you wear glasses.
If you wanna wear overalls and rain boots, he could do that.
Whatever you Whatever he wants to do, you could do next.
We have Mary Poppins exorcism camp.
Uh, he's the king of heads.
I haven't even seen Cam with Same look twice for you.
What is the real king?
He was really one of the 1st 1 to start wearing glasses, too.
Been wearing glasses since to get a lot of guys just wear glasses just for the outfit or costume, bro.
He's been wearing rest for Who's the top of glasses?
Mountain West burgers.
Or can get then the king after that.
Quarterback accepted.
All right.
All right.
This is the last dab we call it the last dab.
Because it's tradition around here to put a little extra on the last one.
You don't have to if you don't want to.
Little dad.
What culture?
It's generous, generous.
Want You got the baby Daddy I got to meet.
Goes there.
All right.
Well, yeah.
Oh, touch it, Find it.
It's like doing the cinnamon challenge.
Actually, I had a friend that beat us in the Children.
Just the craziest thing of you put on a small school.
It was funny.
I mean, he was going through it, but he hated I never.
I've never seen anybody like a cartoon on.
His odds was ridden Smokin eyes, ears.
And when he swallowed, you can see just like it was like a egg.
They just went from here.
And it, like slowing with that so hard to swallow.
It did.
I'm not going to do is the thing is hard, but you really All right.
Cheers, my men, Go ahead, go in in Von Miller.
Oh, no shaking around in there like some crazy right?
It's the fourth quarter, and time's running out before we get out.
We need a prediction for this Super Bowl.
You've called Tom Brady the best quarterback you've ever faced.
Grant the best tight and you've ever matched up against built Bella.
Check the best coach.
Are the Patriots destined for their six Super Bowl win?
Or do you see an upset on Sunday?
Not paging me.
I'm lying.
Of course.
The Patriot.
It's the Pacers.
Did you see the game versus Jack.
He knows voodoo.
What they got going on over everything they have.
They have a hit him in all year.
All right, well, you heard it here first.
Von Miller with his Super Bowl prediction Sunday on NBC Eagles Patriots Now there's nothing left to do but roll out the red carpet for you, Von this camera, this camera, this camera Let the people know what you have going on in your life.
I'm just telling you.
Thanks, guys.
I don't know.
I mean for me and the Newman Broncos on the quest to get to Super Bowl 33.
This year's almost over him.
This offseason it is hard to possibly can and will be.
You will be back.
How did you make something like this is crazy?
Hey, what's going on?
Hot ones Fans and Shaun Evans Checking in If you enjoyed the video, do us a solid Please subscribe.
We're not above begging for cloud over here.
So you know what to dio Smash that subscribe button with a sledgehammer.
Who appreciates you?


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