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  • let me say first a word about this.

  • This is a vuvuzela on Dhe.

  • Unless you were living under a rock, you know that this one had caused a lot of buzz recently, and it's been really a big scandal, and particularly in a number of countries that have not been used to this instrument, which makes a huge noise.

  • A lot of South Africa's actually used this to support their teams all the time during various tournaments, and it's also a means of expression.

  • And what would this have to do with anti censorship or circumvention?

  • Who, you may ask?

  • Well, it's actually a kind of expression that is unique, similar to a tweet, a video or a post or a blood, perhaps even a news article.

  • It's all a matter of expressing something.

  • You may have heard that some teams have blamed the Vuvuzela for their defeat.

  • Messy had blamed his mess on the VUVUZELA and others have also said that with villas are indeed a big crisis, a big issue that need to be eliminated or banned altogether.

  • But isn't this reminiscent of what we've been facing in the media industry?

  • In the Internet industry?

  • Many people have found that news websites are noisy.

  • Sometimes they create a lot of racket and trouble for the governments and my Web site in particular.

  • It's called Yemen Portal, and it's a news dissident.

  • It has dissident content about the Yemeni government, and it had been publishing a lot of them in recent years.

  • Yet the government had decided that this is noisy and it needed to be eliminated and banned altogether.

  • That's why it's been censored in 2008.

  • Yet in response to this, I've gathered all those articles that have been censored not only on my website, but all Yemeni websites that have been censored were put in one portal, and that portal was accessible by anyone.

  • I wanted to tell the citizens of Yemen that this is what the Yemeni government doesn't want you to look at.

  • This is what is being censored, and you need to know what is being hidden from you.

  • I I love them to access this part of my website through it, an anonymizer and if you know and Anna misers are tools that allow you to circumvent and use an alternative proxy.

  • Yet at the same time, I realized that this is consuming bandwidth.

  • So I invented a solution and called Little Castle.

  • It's a Babel well at castle dot com, and it means a circumvented in Arabic.

  • It's used for the middle, is primarily and it saves bandwidth, and I'm using an internal integrated Web browser.

  • The type developed, and whenever you enter a brother, you Ariel in that spot over there.

  • If it's blocked, it will take you to the tunnel.

  • And if it's not, it will take you directly so you can see how much bad with it was safe.

  • So it will not go all the way to the proxy for all websites.

  • That's something unique, and it's developed for the first time in the world.

  • Another thing is that it uses technology used commonly by BP ends.

  • It's called V P M split tunneling, and it allows you to go through corporate networks or Internet based on whether you're on one of those.

  • And it's in fact, very helpful in terms of reducing bandwidth and allowing people to engage.

  • It differentiates between what censored and what's not, and then it allows people to engage, and it maps censorship and makes people know what is being hidden on what I'm doing.

  • This is for the real freedom of men.

  • People need to understand that they're free and should act and be strong about it on.

  • One of the issues that I've had is that I've been under risk before.

  • I had my car vandalized ones, but that doesn't matter.

  • It's a risk worth taking on.

  • A lot of my friends had colleagues, including Mideast.

  • You with another 2009 fellow of mine had supported me.

  • Estrada Shefi is her name.

  • A lot of people know that we're making a difference in their lives, but let us continue to let us support them because we should never let them down.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Um, e m is underwritten The filming of the Ted Fellows talks.

  • Each fellow talks for four minutes about the work that they do or an idea we're spreading.

  • And because of IBM, they now have the opportunity to be considered for ted dot com.

  • IBM is all about innovation, not just the innovation we do within the company, but the innovation way work with other people and organizations to do.

  • Ted Fellows really encourages that encourages people to take their ideas matching.

  • Executing it on.

  • That's a great marriage to be able to drive the next wave of change on advancement.

  • Ted Global We have a demonstration called Edison of the Smart on intelligent generation of Energy.

  • Future of how energy would be produced and consumed by sources such as conventional power generation plants, solar energy, renewable sources of energy, wind, Andi, consumers of any sort of electric cars, solving the problems that affect society to require a different way of thinking and a different way of coming up with solutions.

  • IBM is initiative around.

  • Smarter Planet is looking at the biggest problems we have water, infrastructure, medicine, et cetera on terror has provided a venue to get all the thinkers of the world together and work with IBM.

let me say first a word about this.


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