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  • Okay, More breaking news coming to us.

  • You a fur have been holding this conference in call meeting.

  • We're starting to hear a few things coming from it.

  • Brian, what can you tell us?

  • The Norwegian FAA have just confirmed that the European Championships this summer will be postponed until 2021.

  • We should stress that we are waiting for confirmation from you, eh?

  • For who are still having that conference Cole, involving old 55 associations.

  • You sense this will irritate you.

  • A.

  • For that.

  • This announcement has come out from another association.

  • There had been something of a news blackout this morning.

  • The first call that took place involving the European leagues and clubs were all told to say absolutely nothing until Alexander Seffrin and you a fur announced this later on.

  • Not the biggest surprise this had been expected.

  • It was likely, given the huge uncertainty around the world at the moment.

  • But then a region association saying that the euro 2020 has been postponed for a year and the implications of this in the previous conference call meeting with the clubs is the club's now can take perhaps a breath.

  • They're not tied in now to euro 2020.

  • So they've got a chance to try and sort their own leagues out.

  • Is that the idea we're getting?

  • What we're waiting for?

  • Robe is some clarity on what happens in relation to the Champions League in the Europa League.

  • That may well not come today.

  • There may be a holding statement on that, but what this does do is it does give a degree of space for those domestic fixtures to take place at some point in June and July.

  • Whether that happens, of course, remains to be seen in terms of the pandemic that were, in the moment the peaks, particularly Arons, the Corona virus here in the UK The semifinals on the finals, of course, would you to take place at Wembley Stadium.

  • So the fact that there is a passport mints won't surprise anyone in the game.

  • Of course there, then the knock on effects.

  • How does this impact the calendar?

  • Because ultimately the game wants the competition's to finish.

  • Nobody wants to see a null and void and football that I've been speaking to.

  • There is an acknowledgment that fixtures have to be fulfilled, but ultimately were still in such in on certain periods on.

  • The reason that you're a 2020 will have been postponed is because there could be no certainty on venues in what is still a very uncertain time.

  • Yep, Onda knock on effect As far as the football calendar would think this suspension of the nation's league, would that make sense then and then just straight into, Well, Cup qualifies for Qatar.

  • Is that the way?

  • Interesting point here.

  • All this.

  • What happens with the fixtures that were due to take place later this month?

  • The European playoffs involving Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

  • When do they get pushed back to?

  • Because the calendar still needs to be populated towards the European Championships.

  • Now people at home might be wondering, Why hasn't this been canceled?

  • A lot of associations need the money they need the income that's been generated from the European Championships to help survive some of the bigger associations, such as the English air face such as the German federation.

  • They can absorb a hit up to a point, but some of those smaller association's really rely on the revenue that's generated by the European championships to exist, so that's why the outcome of these coals are so significant.

  • It's gonna be fascinating to hear what you ate for, say later on.

  • They wanted to make the announcement themselves with their details, but it's come via the Norwegian Federation this lunchtime.

  • It's a case of watch this space for exactly what you ate for, say, and indeed their official confirmation that the European championships have been postponed.

Okay, More breaking news coming to us.


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BREAKING: ユーロ2020が2021年まで延期に!?| スカイスポーツニュース (BREAKING: Euro 2020 has been POSTPONED until 2021! | Sky Sports News)

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