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bitches will love it.
That's the entry right there.
It's gonna be the bitches will love this Marks down to Shin now.
Recently, the government got in touch with us.
I think his email additions like Dave at Government on.
He said you need to make tennis more interesting.
Way Came up with this.
Yeah, we did.
Basically, this is petrol in here.
Um, yeah, that's a tennis ball soaking it with petrol on.
I'm gonna serve it.
Hopefully get, like, a nice fireable type thing Now, obviously with it being caked in petrol, how you gonna stop all the petrol from land in your face?
That was step one yet love a bucket of water.
That's, uh we're good to go, I think.
All right.
Way Don't need a canister.
This'd the facial protection.
Hey, gets annoyed when people tell him he's got missing canisters in the canister.
I know that.
It looks like an angry team fortune to moment.
Well, I'm gonna do Whoa, no, Let me just stand there on Admire the shot while my hand is on fire.
Wait, It's what I'm filming stuff like this.
I just think What do we do for a living.
Welcome to the dumbest thing that I've ever done.
Well, I think that was your father again.
Just the I think that went pretty well.
I think the government were very pleased with what he accomplished.
I saw us.
Thankfully, it wasn't on fire by the time the ball reach me.
My hand is warm.
You got warm hand.
Well, then it's a great video way.
Came up with this?
Yeah, we did.


Fire Tennis - The Slow Mo Guys

林宜悉 2020 年 3 月 21 日 に公開
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