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  • Hi, I'm Kirsten Cinema.

  • I'm a 2012 Ted fellow, and I am excited to get this party started.

  • And I'm really sorry about instead because it's my last one as a testing our fellow I'm nervous about I'm not Never.

  • Hi, My name's Mitch.

  • Jack.

  • Um, I am a Ted senior fellow and I guess what's on my mind?

  • Well, I'm kind of exhausted because I just met with Prime Minister of England.

  • Really?

  • I am any Miss Tina order, and I'm a 2012 10 fellow, and I'm really excited to get to meet everyone here around the world.

  • My name is way My name is Erica CEO, fellow things here.

  • There's been a long beach and I'm super excited Africa very, very nervous about standing in front of people are talking about by I'm sure Wait.

  • I'll be able to get friends and what I say And I'm your 2012 Signor Ana, I'm so exciting for me.

  • You people and people are getting scared alone.

  • I think I got 2010 getting Thio interact with the amazing people.

  • Get on.

  • These contractions happen.

  • Hey, my name is Robert.

  • I'm a 2011 senior fellow.

  • This'd is my third conference here, along with my last conference as a fellow senior fellow here alone, So it's a little bit bittersweet, but it's amazing to see family and fellas that are familiar.

  • To meet the additions to the Amazing Family continues to rise and rise on.

  • It's like way have a chance to gauge how we change how we've grown by coming to Ted.

  • So it's been very, very cool just in the first couple of hours to be, I am Rachel Armstrong.

  • I'm a senior Ted Fellows Class of 2009 I think, which feels like about 1,000,000 years ago on what's on my mind at the moment is that I've just had the most amazing time at an algae company that take little green cows and they give them a little sad happened.

  • They give a little 11 milk you collected in the bottle of recyclable bottle, and on the top, this cream on.

  • It's awesome and I just had so much fun hanging out with out.

  • So that's what's on my mind.

Hi, I'm Kirsten Cinema.


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TED2012フェロー。彼らは何を考えているのか? (TED2012 Fellows: What are they thinking?)

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