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Is this life?
Like, be watching right now.
Okay, everybody, welcome back to the channel.
I'm hit today with my friend Katherine.
Good evening.
I actually made friends with capturing a real time.
You want my best friend's wedding?
You were my first friend.
Catherine was my first friend.
And I remember the thing that started the connection with you posted a photo of a rabbit and I was like, I afraid I would I don't know if you know this.
I followed you for so long before I came in Japan.
University on instagram G.
So cool with your friend.
And then you message me and I was like, I told you, I has Instagram do take a only thing.
Me if you want to take a catcher and label it t demoulas early here.
But you can't cook it to click the one.
Double it.
Yeah, just photos video.
It's really good.
I respect your work.
So I don't think you're really cool.
May seem to you, this is a bag of goodies.
We went to 7 11 and we decided we're gonna make a very fancy, fancy schmancy dinner.
I have 11 goods.
I thought this was gonna be a big challenge.
Like, Oh, we have to make this ingredient.
This ingredient will make something crazy.
It's It's what you just said.
There's so much stuff that that it's like you could just make a good meal so easily.
So what kind of thinking?
A little outside of the box here.
We had too many options.
Yes, definitely.
So we had to get clever.
So show you guys the ingredients and then we'll explain our concepts and ideas.
Harps and out dreams.
We have some gerlich frozen spinach or couplehood.
Insel, when in some spinach capital means it's cut.
So we have some broccoli mush.
She's This is in my amateur.
The next thing we have is some honey.
A crab is a real craft.
Always fresh stick.
It's crab with a case.
They made it look good.
I have this for myself.
I don't know if we're gonna include it, but I got myself some salmon.
I bet you must come.
It's gonna be like so much plastic.
Yeah, we d'oh sucks.
It really sucks.
I got some pickles.
We got some cool, mysterious potato sticks.
What are we gonna do with those, huh?
Way Got some Ritz crackers.
We have a Castella, which is a kind of Japanese sponge cake, which originated someone else somewhere for Portuguese.
And now it's Japanese way got some pineapple?
Oh, yeah, and we got some tone.
You a soy milk?
Emma Safe mill.
Last thing.
A little sweet drink for us.
It is a user meet, since it's a hotel, which is like a very weak alcohol on it, it's delicious.
Just like a very, very little bit of alcohol with some really sweet bubbling stuff tonight.
So I want to do kind of face with crab salad, and then we have a lot of vegetables to do, kind of like a buttery stuff.
Wait, maybe add some garlic.
And with that as well on then we also have a statistics.
So these are dehydrated potatoes.
It's which means if you rehydrate them, you can't match.
Potato really discovered, and we are using some seasonings today that you can buy a 7 11 too.
But I didn't want to buy extra and then just have extra lying around the house so you can buy black pepper, sugar, salt, mayonnaise, Yeah, but most spices and condiments.
Yeah, you know, what should we start with?
Should we stop with the kind of pays?
Yeah, let's do the crab salad.
So national fit Can I feel for the real locks?
Just seafood sticks and like, got me to love the texture in Australia, we get, like, a stick of it, and we deep fry it in, like, kind of like punk.
Oh, but it's really fine.
One thing that I miss from Australia is the fish and chips, the chrome fish and chips.
You imagine like corn dealer friend crumbs like you really find bread crumbs.
So we're gonna add this Q B two crab sticks.
Oh, look, that must be a mix up, like some good force in there to get matching because you're gonna want these to fit on that smooth.
Do you?
Uh, you I used to I used to.
And Japan has ruined me because all their pre prepared food and all their like restaurants are some inexpensive and effort after, like a huge a being like, Oh, I have to go to market and get like, two meals with you totally.
And then you get it, and then you spend like coffee now, cooking it does.
You have to do dishes, dishes.
Just somebody cheats.
Yeah, something that had the black pepper.
Oh, yeah.
Japan has ruined me.
I do not cook often anymore.
But you know what I feel like you re says recently, Room.
I understand.
Here's the Oh, and you wonder if we could hold a dinner party with just 7 11 food and if anybody would notice.
So this looks like you.
We also have an extra thing to like.
Should it up a little bit.
Make it a little bit more fancy.
We're going about this, you jiggles.
Yeah, look at that.
There's the fanciest little craft iss You bottoms up, boys.
There's a lot of layers to it.
Make a bunch of these and I set them up and then have the mystic.
Okay, let's let me set aside while we continue to cook.
What should I do next?
Should we do the staff are potatoes student The potato washed.
Okay, It's another best hot fresh Oh, I get it.
I'll get somebody out which you can buy at seven.
Also Another reason I kind of want to do this video is for what you come in Japan.
A lot of people always like frustrating.
It's like I just living up 7 11 people that happy.
That's just And sometimes it could be daunting.
Knowing full supermarkets are you only have, like, one little stuff topping.
You're like maybe the FBI be renting, but it's possible.
If you're missing vegetables have, like an actual.
It's true.
I'm Terry.
It's possible, you know.
That's good.
Now we want to the potatoes.
You know, your dry potatoes, which are good on their own as it Yeah, they alternate the flavors of every month for, like, different seasonal flavors.
They are one Do it does.
It was even made.
Not too much be about that much.
Let it sit and see how that goes.
I took a look.
Yeah, we could be like a minute and check on it.
I think we're ready to start matching.
It's happening.
So the tops is still talks.
They're crunchy, and you have to, like, push them and mix them down and then let it sit again.
That smells really good.
And see how the bottom has totally turned into, like what we know and love is the mashed potato on.
You just need to the tops that stick up Nixon, man.
Mash them down and then cover it and let it sit again.
They're gonna hydrate.
Also, I don't mind a little texture if you know what.
Thanksgiving, actually, nothing it like that.
Certainly no extra ticks.
They've kind of dried up because it absorbed all the moisture until that's when you had the milk to get him nice and creamy and moist until washes.
It's just It's so much better than I thought it would be.
A right Definitely don't need to insult because they're already that already really flavor.
Yeah, but black pepper, black pepper, all the black pepper.
It's looking nice and creamy.
I love how much just feels like we're on.
Like Good morning America E taken Martha Stewart.
Cook something and under leg.
It's 11 a.m. And we're having wine.
Double done.
That's delightful.
That's really a good time to eat.
Well, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
I actually like the crunchy bits in the potato.
No, it's really not okay, We're gonna eat the rest of this, and then we'll make this up.
But we're just gonna hang out for a bit.
We back we have consumed.
We had a good time.
Stop it.
Is that our plan?
Is this I always think you can still like.
Still from a streetcar named Desire.
Frank Randall.
Very cute.
Be perfectly shaped.
Yeah, you can eat them just by themselves.
They have a good flavor.
Some too shabby.
But we're gonna do a little upside down Pineapple cake feeling to it with some sugar and some pineapple I did is to at some butter and some sugar to 10.
Double a devil a corner, boys.
When I went to language school during my lunch break up.
Go on, get lunch from the company.
And I always get myself a little dessert.
Oh, no, I don't like school.
I'm just cold live normally making anything from looks good.
00 yeah.
I believe you.
Get it together.
I just want to try it.
Who knew the restaurant?
That's when you know.
7 11 11 7 11 And a bright idea.
Big old brain.
I'm really good.
Yeah, way did it.
I'm so happy you said that Your car, man, You best meal.
Thanks for having me.
That was really fun.
If you guys interested in seeing Cem Japan Photography from Amazing Person focused, Mr Man, we're going to do it in the sweeping down.
Miller, Thank you so much.
You for joining me today.
If you like this video, please give it a done suddenly become a tableau.
Describe if you want to see more videos like this.
Thanks watching guys.
And I'll see you in the next video.
I do this thing.
Where you in the next booth?


Cooking a Fancy Dinner with Only Japanese 7/11 Products

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