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Hey guys!
We're moving!
FINALLY omg I'm so excited!
A lot of you probably know we've been talking about wanting to move for years
for a lot of reason.
But one of the big reasons is we don't have any friends here anymore.
Our last friend who lived close to us moved away... when almost a year ago now?
I guess so, yeah.
Oh my gosh, almost a year ago now.
And we're so lonely!
Turns out having a community and friends for you to go hang out with is like really important
to your mental health, so this has been a really depressing year for us.
We've been trying to go spend more time with friends
like go visit friends, but it's really expensive to travel a lot
so it'd be great if we could live a little bit closer to people we know.
So we're finally moving!
And also we thought it's a good opportunity for us to show some
parts we don't like about this apartment.
Okay this apartment is really beautiful and that's the main reason we picked it
because we have to be here so often to edit videos and I wanted something that
makes me happy while I'm like in here all day staring at it.
So like the colors are beautiful.
I really love the white floor.
I love the blue doors.
I love the colored walls.
BUT this is kind of an old building
And if you start looking closely at things you notice some places where things aren't quite ideal.
So let us show you to our doorways!
I couldn't see your sick moves, Jun
because I didn't have enough room to show your feet.
So yeah, this thing here...
So all of the doorways to every room...
they are too low for Jun to be able to walk through.
So he has to duck going through every single doorway in our apartment.
I mean... I'm taller than normal, but still this is-
Even if I'm like average height, 175cm or something
still this is too low, I think.
When we first moved here I went to the home center
and they have these like- hey can you come here-
They have these like... safety foam corner pads
that are supposed to be for professional stuff
but I bought a bunch and then I spray painted them white to fit in with our apartment
and put them here so that Jun doesn't...
Mmmm... I think seriously though, literally I hit it more than 37
times or something over the past four years.
Although if you look here at the thickness of this concrete beam here
it's quite thick so another issue is not just running into it,
R: And there's nothing I can do to pad this. J: Ahh please don't make me remember that.
Please don't remind me of it.
So this is the door that we use to get out onto our balcony
which is where we store our trash and the cat litter and cat cage.
And it is really freaking difficult to open!
You have to open it from like a really low angle to be able to get a good grip to open it
and even then sometimes it just really does not want to open.
It... it's not great.
And also, the spot where you put your fingers is so shallow
that- well Jun's using his fingertips
but I have to put my fingers vertically
because if you use your fingertips your fingers can slip so easily because it's really shallow
that it just like rips the nails right off of your fingers
which has happened to me multiple times. It's really painful lol
It is not fun!
Our new apartment has a much better handhold so hopefully I won't have to lose nails anymore.
And I'm not sure if you can see here very well. This is single pane glass.
All of our windows and doors are single pane glass because this is just
how old buildings were in Japan. Everything was single pane glass, so as
you can imagine there's no soundproofing with this. There's no heat insulation or
cold insulation. And because the door doesn't even shut all of the way... like
none of the doors shut all of the way... like the heat just goes right out.
The cold air comes in in the winter. If you put your hand here you could just feel like
cold air vents coming in-
Aww, hey buddy.
-which is not ideal
And then also, our downstairs neighbor is a very heavy smoker.
And he smokes on his balcony or in the stairwell or literally everywhere.
J: He's made of cigarettes. R: He is.
J: He just smells like them. R: He's 90% cigarettes.
And the smoke just comes right through these cracks in these doors into our apartment
and it makes us smell like smoke and it's gross.
When we sleep, yeahhh that's an issue.
Um here, let's show you something fun in the bathroom.
So in one of the recent videos we made I showed you guys that they got the wrong
door for this apartment. It locks from the outside so you can
lock someone in the bathroom?!
We asked the realtor when we were checking this apartment
and asked if it's a mistake
and he wasn't sure, but he was like "Yeahh why is it outside?"
But yeah, so that's just how this is.
And they didn't use waterproof paint in the bathroom on the windowsill
so almost immediately after we started taking baths...
...it flakes and falls into our bathtub.
Here Jun, how about you sit on the toilet and show people how big our toilet room is.
There's no room. There's no room for tall people!
I mean it's really narrow even for someone my size.
Woohoo, mErRy ChRiStMaS
It's not Christmas yet...
This is my job every morning.
He says that like it's a job but he's the one who bought this
and decided he was gonna do it and flip the day every day.
J: I've been! R: I didn't make this decision.
J: I've been. R: I had nothing to do with this.
I mean it's still big enough for me but it's nice if I can- *thrashes around*
Yeah, this isn't one of the worst things about this apartment.
I'm surprised that there's no screen so every time I keep this door open to freshen the air
in the summer mosquitoes keep coming in.
R: Oh yeah. J: We got this mosquito killer.
We do have a really fancy toilet, which is nice.
But there's no ventilation in here which is also not good.
If you have to go to the bathroom right after someone else sometimes it's not great.
And then the toilet paper roll,
they put it so close to the wall
that when you pull the toilet paper off your fingers like scratch the wall and
then we've ended up with like a whole bunch of little scratches on here
because you just, you can't help it.
Your hand moves in a motion toward-
It's right here!
J: Can you take that guy back?
Haku! C'mere buddy.
J: Also, the next day- R: Hey. Hey. Excuse me. Excuse me.
J: -I moved in and opened the door of the toilet then it just came off like that.
R: Oh yeah, the handles come off a lot. J: Yeah.
I mean, all things considered this is not one of the issues that bothers me the most.
The thing that bothers me the most about this apartment is the water pressure.
This is our kitchen sink. Here, let me turn it on for you, full blast, right now.
It's actually really low.
And the thing is, I don't care about the kitchen sink
R: What bothers me is- J: It bothers me in the kitchen sink.
We have the showerhead that makes like the water pressure the
strongest possible. Like we have the best showerhead for that, and it's still not
strong enough to penetrate my long frickin hair while I'm trying to shower.
So for three years I have been during the traditional
bucket and stool method of filling the bathtub with water and then dumping
it on my head with a bucket to take a shower.
It takes forever. I HATE IT.
It doesn't even get the shampoo out of my hair very well.
This is the probably the biggest issue for me.
It is such a hassle to have to take a bath with a BUCKET
every single time you wanna bathe.
So this isn't a bad apartment.
It's really beautiful and it's really really cheap, too.
We just wish we had more space. And I really want to be able to take showers again
and for Jun to not hit his head walking through doorways.
And I miss hanging out with friends. We're so lonely.
I miss our friends, yep.
This is pretty low.
For poor tall Jun.
No one expected the tall Japanese man cook.
I am gonna miss our spotlights.
We have a lot of spotlights like on this side and the other side. It's really nice.
R: When we first moved in we got LED lights for everything. J: *calling the cat* Hey baby.
They're nice and bright but also really cheap.
J: Hey Poki. R: But I'm excited.
J: Me too.
We're moving to... do you wanna guess?
Jun, do you wanna say where we're moving? I'll give you a drumroll.
☆ Somewhere in Kyushu! ☆
We're moving to Fukuoka.
Right now we're in like... mid-Japan?
Almost pretty exactly center... kinda?
R: We're pretty central in Japan. J: Mmm yeah, we're in the middle.
And we're moving to the very southernmost main island of Kyushu.
So this is a pretty big distance for Japan.
Kyushu is kind of considered like really far away from here, yeah.
Wish me luck driving down to Kyushu...
J: Ugh... it's gonna be a long drive. R: I'll drive.
That's one of the reasons that our videos have been extra slow, even considering us
because we've been visiting all of our friends and talking to real estate agents
in their cities and trying to figure out if it would be an okay place to move to.
So we finally found a place in Fukuoka so that's where we're going.
I still have been trying to make cooking videos and I have a few coming up so.
Thank you guys for being so patient with us while we take our time making videos and moving.
We're going to film as much about the moving process as possible
over on our vlog channel Rachel & Jun Adventures.
But that won't be until a few months from now
because we have to go to America
like tomorrow.
I can't wait to do cat litter DIY.
Oh yeah (x3) Oh that's one of the things I forgot to show you guys!
But that's not about our apartment.
Yeah! Yeah it is! Because this is the size of our apartment.
This is our main litter box. Note its proximity-
Did you just say this is OUR main litter box?
R: Yeah, this is our cats' main litter box. J: Our CATS' main litter box.
Note the proximity to Jun's desk
and to our TV
and to our kitchen
and I forgot to show you MY desk.
I sit here on the corner of the couch to edit videos- hang on
I always bang my knee on this corner over here.
This is where I sit and edit videos
or play Overwatch
or watch cartoons.
I guess when people watch my videos, my cooking, I always set it around this angle.
It does look kind of wider and spacious I guess.
R: Yeah, whenever we have someone visit us- J: It's just this.
Every time we've had someone visit us they've said "Wow it looked a lot bigger in your videos."
"I thought your apartment was nicer. What is this shit?"
It's like a movie magic sort of perspective thing.
I don't know, maybe because it's white?
J: Yeah, the color does help. Yeah, the white. R: It's a lot smaller in real life.
It's an expansive color.
Anyway, super excited. Omg so excited to move!
R: We'll see you guys later. J: See ya!


We're moving!

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