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  • Hey guys!

  • Today, I want to tell you about an offer that I think you're going to be pretty excited about.

  • I have an eBook called American English Pronunciation that's been out for about a year.

  • And it's a 290-page book that comes with downloadable audio.

  • It also organizes and integrates over 200 of my YouTube videos.

  • Now one of the biggest comments that I get about the book is that people wish that it

  • came with a download of all of those videos and up to this point, I thought, I can't do it.

  • There's too many of them. The file sizes are too big.

  • But in doing a little bit of research, I realized that actually, I can.

  • I can give you a download of all 212 videos from the American English Pronunciation book.

  • So this product isn't for everybody.

  • It is a large amount of data, it's almost 12 GB, I think.

  • But if you have an Internet connection that can support that, and you have a device that

  • has room for that, I'm really happy to now be able to offer a download of all of the

  • videos that go with the book American English Pronunciation.

  • If you've already bought the book, these videos are yours FREE

  • as a 'thank you' for having made the purchase.

  • If you're thinking about getting the book, this week is a good week to do so because

  • the videos will be FREE with the purchase of a book.

  • The deadline to buy the book to get the FREE video set is Monday, September 5.

  • So about a week.

  • If you've been thinking about it, maybe this will push you over the edge.

  • It's a good time to buy.

  • After that, starting September 6, you will still be able to get the videos but they'll

  • cost more in addition to the book.

  • So if you want to be able to watch the videos offline, on your own device without having

  • internet connection, then this is great for you.

  • As long as you have an internet connection to download the videos, then you can watch

  • them on your computer at anytime, you can transfer them to your devices, the way that

  • I am selling this is I've bundled the 212 videos into 5 .zip files.

  • So you'll wanna download those to your computers.

  • Most mobile devices take a little bit of work to deal with .zip files.

  • But if it's more convenient for you to download just a few individual videos, one at a time

  • to maybe your phone or your tablet, you can also download the files individually, the

  • the videos individually rather than in the .zip files.

  • So there are a couple different options for you to access these files and get them on your devices.

  • Again, please note this is a large product.

  • There's a lot of data to transfer so this will only work for people who have a pretty

  • good internet connection.

  • So to get the book, click here.

  • Now, through September 5 when you purchase the book, you'll get a FREE set of downloadable videos.

  • It's also possible of course if you always have an internet connection to use the book

  • without the downloaded videos.

  • There are links within the eBook to stream the videos online.

  • If you haven't heard about the book before, and are wondering, 'What is it?', it's an overview

  • of what I think is the best way to study and practice, to improve your American English

  • accent, from beginning to end.

  • We start with the basics of the voice and we end with a whole bunch of conversation

  • so if you're needing to work on your accent and you're not sure where to start,

  • this is a great way, it lays it out for you in a path.

  • And as I said, if you've already bought the book, thank you so much.

  • The videos are already yours FREE.

  • Anyone who buys the book gets FREE updates for life.

  • That's also true of anyone who buys the video set.

  • So when I do an update of the book, if I happen to add 50, 80, who knows how many more videos

  • to it, then you will get those extra videos FREE.

  • And if you've bought the book, you'll get the new version of the book FREE.

  • So hurry! Get it done before September 5!

  • That's it and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

Hey guys!


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