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I have to confess.
I used to panic in chaotic situations because I was raising a family with a history of obsessive compulsive disorder.
As a child, home was a place off cooler, coordinated organized closets, honest, bottomless living spaces.
I felt safe.
I left in the house of my childhood memories.
I was raised with a philosophy that being a structure is what you need to become successful.
And I believe this because through all my life I saw my mom 1,000,000 academic career while raising four kids so proud of her.
Every morning before breakfast, my mom would have make us to stand up in front of the refrigerator to memorize the specials of the day and the weeks to come.
So, technically, I have learned to follow schedules at the age of four, as you can manage, and building a career as a IittIe project manager was the most natural path for me.
I love my job because it's about providing a structure to project hymns is organized system base just the way my mom like it.
When I was ready to become a mom, I wanted to replicate the house of my childhood memories.
I wanted to have my son to feel safe and lost in the same way I did.
So I asked the specialists, my mom, to help me with this project.
So she came and she called her coordinated on, organized all my closets, and she even made an event Cherie off all the baby shower gifts.
I feel so safe and everything was in control that I was so happy when my son was born.
I wanted to be like my mom and keep up the organized lifestyle, but I failed.
Like many moms, I was sleep, deprived the video and get made.
The kitchen wasn't clean, and I couldn't keep up my color coordinated organized closets.
As soon as my son has started crawling, he became the chaos machina.
He started to cat all the clothes out of the land with baskets on.
If I clean up all the toys in less than 30 seconds, there were back again in the floor.
You feel like a Huracan just passed by messing up my house on my emotions.
I feel like a bad mom because I wasn't following.
The advice is that my mom told me to how to raise a child.
And at the same time, I feel terrible for not being emotionally pressing with my son.
I was exhausted or feeling guilty off, nor being able to control my chaotic life.
Feeling no present with my son made me sad.
I realized that having big expectation of what mother who she'll look, lock me for building a meaningful connection with my son.
It took me time to understand, my boy, because I didn't know who I waas.
Like many moms, I was trying to follow my mother's advice with good intention because she's great, that her parenthood style wasn't helping me because I was in my mom and my son blessing me a death moment.
I was an impostor to my child.
I needed to explore ways on how to connect with my unique son in unique ways, and I needed to explore who I waas awesome, Mom.
I remember I stood up there in the chaos my toller left behind on the floor, and I was wondering, What could I do to embrace this new face of my life without feeling?
I was losing myself, Annette, And then I remember someone told me, someone very inspirational.
We're never to experience.
Ah, hard moment.
There will always be something to smile about it.
And that moved me.
So trying to find the smile in my chaotic life, I started to take pictures like this.
And then I got the courage, the short to my collects in France, and to my surprise, there were no horrified by my chaotic life.
Instead, they show me tons of compassion and then later a raid in a survey that 92% off Mom's fill a stress about having people over just because their house is no ass clean organized in their way as they wanted to be.
So the feeling that I wasn't alone on this motivated to explore ways.
Ah, hard to connect with my son.
So I decided to gather all my pictures and started a personal project that I called the Happy Explorer project to explore the chaos, my cell's chaos and ultimately, my chaos.
I wanted to have my camera helping me to understand my son's perspective in life.
I wanted to connect with this world and be part of it.
I wanted to feel and sense what he was experiencing when he was exploring life for the first time.
The first thing I notice when my son was a chaotic room.
He wasn't judging himself or anything else.
He waas in the now he wasn't asking himself.
Why aren't my Legos Kohler coordinated, or where I might toys manuals?
Instead, he was calm.
He was walking around the room, picking up all the old jumps he will find interested, and he started playing without having a concrete plan in mind.
Then he's started to explore fear, release all possible ideas until something new and creative will come up.
And when he had the ah ha moment, he was Vote.
I was inspired by this, and slowly, my messy home.
It's tough feeling like a war song step.
I started to feel like I was living in our studio by allowing myself to be present.
I was experiencing the creative thinking process off my son, the best teacher.
I stopped seeing chaos stat.
I started to see magic, my messy home.
It started to become I still life toy compositions that was inspiring me to write little stories that I will read to my child some of the stories my child didn't like it very much like this one, the last word off the yellow fish.
At the end of the story, the fish died and he hated it.
He gave me the feedback to become a pair of writer, and as a result, we started to build together the intimate diary off Children.
Still, where we will celebrate or creativity together, I stopped seeing my son's friends like not the guys this debt.
I started to see them.
Us legal artists, young artists who were coming to a party where I was the waitresses on the security guard.
Before, when chills were playing silently hiding in a room.
I was freaking out because I saw there were sitting on my house on fire by the Happy Explorer Project held me.
I understand that if this happened through collaboration is happening gets we're learning how to share ideas on work together.
And I was so inspired to see that at the end, when they finalized their projects, they were celebrating the resource together.
It was just beautiful, but wait a minutes.
Sometimes the kids doesn't like the Lego tower, the guilt, so no problem, they will knock it out, destroy it with Fleischer.
I'm from the mess they will start all over again.
I was inspired by myself, friends and my son's ability to keep filming chaos, explore opportunities fail, ask for help and a star again.
He's not only held me to connect with my son, but with myself Professionally, I started to be more studio in college IQ situations, but personally, I started to connect with my loss.
Inner artist.
I used to be a cellist.
Playing the shallow has been the greatest joy off my life.
But more done out of the cage ago, I got a salt it in a train station in the nervous.
My left hand got badly injured.
It was painful.
Anna, stop Play in shallow because I lost myself in this traumatic experience.
But they have exploded.
Projects your knee.
Give me the willingness to explore the most vulnerable two.
Step into chaos.
Try Ask for help, Phil.
I'm with a lot of mistakes.
It slowly, slowly, from my broken self.
I started to play cello again from 02 years ago, and you know what?
He felt great.
I'm not saying that chaos is better than order.
Oh, visa versa.
In fact, I'm teaching my son to appreciate organization because this skill has been a great asset in my life.
But my in conditional love, I felt for my son is dishing me.
That kills is also part of life, that I have to assert myself and also said that I will continue making mistake because I know the perfect mom to understand that this is a never ending journey to learn my son's perspective on life, to explore new and creative ways to appreciate each other from who we truly are.
Thank you.


How a child’s mess could help you rediscover your creativity | Gabriela Roa | TED Institute

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