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  • Hello.

  • I here to show you that these isn't just a banana in a periodic table.

  • There are around their homage.

  • Chemical elements, however human, have been creating millions off compounds.

  • The problem is that only 1% off them are regulated.

  • They are impacting our healthy, our resources and our environment.

  • It's a new problem, and I try to find a new solution.

  • Let's return to the bananas in my counter Brazil.

  • About 30% off the entire production off the bananas are thrown into the trash.

  • Besides that, the fast food restaurants for a way around fart owns off.

  • Been in a few every week in some foul along.

  • And now the good news we can combine it is to problems in one sustainable solutions.

  • Look inside the burning up here with me.

  • During my master's problem, I was looking for a new solution for removing have metals from the waste water.

  • So I made a pounder using banana pew, and I stood it about the special structure which can trap the pollutants from the waste water and also about the molecules that are on the banana peels her face.

  • How does its works?

  • Just process is called by assertion and the negatively charged molecules on this for face off the banana peel attract the positive charge, have medals from the waste water, and after 40 minutes, at least 65% off pollutants can be removed.

  • I believe in a simple solution, but in a pew plus pollutants is ICO clean water.

  • Thank you.

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  • That's a great marriage to be able to drive the next wave of change on advancement.

  • Ted Global.

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Milena Boniolo -- ブラジルの水をきれいにするためにバナナを使用して (Milena Boniolo -- Using bananas to clean water in Brazil)

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